Nerello mascalese wine?

Nannie Gorczany asked a question: Nerello mascalese wine?
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  • Nerello is a name given to two varieties of red wine grapes that are grown primarily in Sicily and Sardinia . Nerello Mascalese, which is named after the Mascali area in Catania where the grape is thought to have originated. It is grown mainly on the northeastern side of Sicily and is thought to be superior in quality to the Nerello Cappuccio.

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Food pairings for Nerello Mascalese wines include: Pigeon breasts in red-wine sauce Wild mushroom and eggplant filo parcels Linguini with tomato and clams

Nerello Mascalese. A rare red Sicilian grape producing fine light to medium-bodied red wines reminiscent of Pinot Noir. The best examples are found growing on the volcanic soils of Mount Etna.

What makes Nerello Mascalese Special? One of the few wines in the world with red-fruit and floral aromas in a similar style to Pinot Noir Nerello Mascalese is one of the important indigenous volcanic wines of the world Despite Nerello Mascalese’s light-bodied profile has enough structure (tannin and ...

Nerello mascalese It belongs to the historic group of “Nigrelli” vine varieties described by Sestini (1760) in his memoirs on the wines of Mascali County. Traditionally raised with the gobelet training system, it is the most widespread vine variety in the Etna area where it has been cultivated since a long time.

A mountain wine by the sea, that's how I define it. The inherent elegance of Nerello Mascalese arises from the presence of minerals and obsidian, from the lava present in layers and from the altitude of the vineyards on His Majesty Etna Volcano, which reach even over 1000 meters above sea level.

Wines made from nerello mascalese are usually quite structured, with high acid and fairly grippy tannins a feature. Vineyard & winemaking A late-ripening grape, nerello mascalese retains its acidity well in hot conditions, is vigorous and very drought tolerant, making it a good candidate for Australian vineyards, especially in a warming climate.

Nerello Mascalese is a dry, red wine with a medium body, sleek tannins and a lively acidity. This wine is full of pleasing aromas, such as wild berry, balsamic, sweet tobacco, nutmeg, violet, rose and flint.

Morrisons The Best version of this light and fruity red is great value – coming in at just £5.50 a bottle making it less than the average price of a bottle of wine bought in the UK. Nerello Mascalese is mainly grown in Sicily, where its name is derived from the Mascali plain where it grows below the volcano Mount Etna and the black skin of the grape, Nerello, although it is also thought to ...

Nerello Nerello Mascalese, which is named after the Mascali area in Catania where the grape is thought to have originated. It is... Nerello Cappuccio It is widely used in the Etna Rosso DOC as a blending grape that adds color and alcohol to the wine.

马斯卡斯奈莱洛 (Nerello Mascalese)是一种源于意大利 西西里岛 (Sicilia)东北部埃塔纳产区(Etna)的红葡萄品种,多种植于埃塔纳山(Mount Etna)的火山岩上,其最早历史记录可追溯到18世纪。. 根据DNA分析检测,马斯卡斯奈莱洛可能是由 桑娇维塞 (Sangiovese)和白曼托尼可(Mantonico Bianco)自然杂交而成。. 最新的基因对比还发现,这一品种和当地的本土品种——卡利坎特 ...

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