Lion tamer wine?

Ewell Schroeder asked a question: Lion tamer wine?
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  • The 2016 Proprietary Red The Lion Tamer is blended of 40% Malbec , 27% Zinfandel, 21% Petite Sirah , 8% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Mourvèdre, 1% Petit Verdot and 1% Merlot. It has a medium to deep garnet-purple color and opens with notes of crushed black plums, blackberry compote and wild blueberries with hints of spice box, tobacco and dried herbs.

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A Red wine from Napa County, North Coast, California, United States. Made from Malbec. This wine has 323 mentions of black fruit notes (blackberry, plum, black fruit).

Taste + Style. “Lion Tamer Cabernet Sauvignon is plush in texture with heady aromas of blackberries, black cherries and notes of freshly ground coffee. We integrate a touch of Malbec to develop a softness in the tannins, making this a wonderfully smooth and seamless wine. These mouthwatering tannins surround the palate, framing layered elements of ...

WINE. The Hess Collection Lion Tamer Red Wine 2016 750 ml. The Hess Collection Lion Tamer Red Wine 2016 750 ml (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review. The Hess Collection Lion Tamer Red Wine 2016 750 ml. Rating Required ...

The 2017 Lion Tamer Cabernet Sauvigon is 81% Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Petite Sirah, and 8% Malbec. It's actually called "Lion Tamer" because of that 8% Malbec. The grape has earned the nickname of "Lion Tamer" at Hess because of its ability to tame powerful tannin as a blender.

The wine is bright and fresh with aromas of apricot, honeycomb and delicate jasmine lifting from the glass. On the palate, The Lion Tamer White Blend is wonderfully viscous, yet refreshing with notes of tropical fruits and lemon zest, and it offers a lovely acidity that lingers on the persistent finish.”

The name “Lion Tamer” has become a nickname for Malbec because we use it as our tannin tamer. Much like a Lion Tamer who uses a deft hand to soothe powerful, instinctive animals, Winemaker Dave Guffy uses Malbec to soothe powerful tannins. This red blend brings all the roar of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah, and when blended with Malbec, produces a big, lush wine that finishes with smooth and tamed round tannins.

The experience begins with a tasting of Hess’ signature Lion Tamer Red Blend to understand how a world-class blend tastes and a brief lesson on the history and process of blending wine varietals. Make sure to ask your guide what varietals comprise the Lion Tamer blend. Create Your Own Custom Wine

“テイマー”(Tamer)とは「ならし手」の意。ライオンの様に雄々しいMt.ヴィーダー産カベルネソーヴィニヨンに特有的なタンニンを、「猛獣使い」さながら円熟のマルベックが和らげる効果を物語る。 【味わい】2016vtgまでマルベック主体。

Hess Collection 2016 Lion Tamer Red (Napa Valley) This is a blend of 40% Malbec, 27% Zinfandel, 21% Petite Sirah, 8% Cabernet Sauvignon and smaller amounts of Mourvèdre, Petit Verdot and Merlot....

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