Like wine get better with age?

Marcelino Kessler asked a question: Like wine get better with age?
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  • Wines with a low pH, such as Pinot Noir and Sangiovese, are more capable of tasting better with age than are less acidic wines. Tannins are a natural preservative, capable of keeping a bottle of wine palatable for 40 years or longer.

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Does Wine Get Better With Age? Yes, as a rule, wine gets better with age. But there’s a difference between a winemaker aging wine barrels before they’re bottled and a private wine collector aging wine bottles in a home cellar. Does All Wine Get Better With Age? All wines are, to an extent, aged. It happens during the winemaking process.

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A good wine supposedly gets better with age. See Aging of wine - Wikipedia If this expression is used to describe a person (“aging like a fine wine”) it is meant to compliment the person, saying the more they age, the better they become as a person, like a wine (and unlike most other things, which get worse with age). 3.2K views

Similar to wine, the fermentation of the vinegar becomes stronger over time, with companies often waiting to bottle it for at least 12 years. Flickr/ Guy Sie 7.

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