Light spanish red wine?

Princess Stoltenberg asked a question: Light spanish red wine?
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The Ten Best Spanish Red Wines: A Beginner's Guide

  • Vinos de Pago.
  • Priorat.
  • Ribera del Duero.
  • Monsant.
  • Toro.
  • Jumilla.
  • Valdepeñas.
  • Rioja Crianza.

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It’s 100% Tinto Fino aged in French oak. The wine, the first vintage of which was produced in 1995, became famous after Robert Parker took notice (Ribera del Duero was barely known in the 1980s, and is now one of Spain’s most famous red wine regions). Don’t ever pass up this wine if you get the chance to taste it. 8.

Tempranillo is one of Spain’s signature grapes, and while it can be found in other Spanish wine regions, the variety shines in bottlings from Rioja Denominación de Origen Calificada (DOCa). Rioja...

Described as lively, dry, light and crisp, with aromas of yellow apple, lemon, camomile and dried flowers and a hint of sea breeze, its flavour includes discreet hints of salted almonds, light herbs and licorice, with a short finish. Alcohol content: 15%. Price per bottle: approximately €8 to €15 . Number 41: San Román 2014 (Toro wine merchants)

Perhaps the most famous of all Spanish red wines, Rioja Gran Reserva is the pinnacle of the Rioja appellation. Aged for a total of five years before release, these wines are usually based on the Tempranillo variety. Rioja Gran Reservas have savory characteristics of leather and spice and exemplify the effect wood-ageing has on wine. 2.

Ribera del Duero's harsh climate (there can be as much as a 40-degree swing in temperatures between the day and night in the fall) makes a wine that is light but full of fruit and perfect for grilled foods like spicy sausages or skewers of marinated beef or pork.

The common winemaking method for Lambrusco makes it the lightest red wine on our list. In fact, if you want to nit-pick, Lambrusco di Sorbara is the lightest of them all. Lambrusco is the name of several wine grapes native to Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy (Same region as Parmigiano-Reggiano).

Top 10 Most Popular Spanish red wines Listán Negro. Listán Negro is a Spanish grape variety that is mostly cultivated on the Canary Islands, though its origin... Rioja Oriental. Originally called Rioja Baja, this is the warmest and the easternmost part of Rioja. It is also the... Rioja Alavesa…

Gamay is a great example of a light bodied red wine and a more affordable cousin to pinot noir. It's an accessible and aromatic wine produced around the world in cool climate countries like Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand and France, with plenty of red berries and dark fruit on the nose.

7 Types of Spanish Red Wine Young Tempranillo. From beginner to professional, the right wine tools make for the best drinking experience. A juicy... Aged Tempranillo. Bold high tannin wines that embellish Tempranillo’s best qualities that are aged for several years in... Young Garnacha. Garnacha is ...

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