La mora red wine?

Glen Haag asked a question: La mora red wine?
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  • Possessing a Mediterranean soul, and a fruity character drawing on the combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the La Mora Maremma Toscana DOC is a rich, intense reminder of why the Maremma region is so loved for its food, sunshine, culture, beauty, and especially its wines. Excellent with grilled meats and medium-aged cheeses.

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Very intense ruby red in colour with evident purple accents, it has the typical vineyard fragrance of ripe red fruits. To the mouth it is smooth, with good persistence. Maremma's most representative wine's true authenticity comes out during an informal dinner.

It’s a dry red wine, meaning the astringency of the wine greets you first, then all the awesome fruit. Buy a case or two of this wine and have it on hand for whatever, everyone is going to dig it.

Intense, vivid and strong red and purple in colour. The varietal emerges, balanced by a fruit complexity. The fine and velvety tannins give it smoothness.

Mature dark-skinned berry, sunbaked earth and pressed blue flower aromas come together on this charming red. The easy-drinking palate doles out ripe black cherry, raspberry and clove while supple...

Trispol, “floor” in Mallorquìn, is one of two complementary top cuvées produced from red grape varieties by Bàrbara Mesquida Mora. Trispol is the companion to her Sòtil cuvée, “roof.” When Bàrbara split from her family winery in 2012 to begin her project, she said that, along with prized vineyards inherited from her mother, all she needed was a roof and a floor.

Maremma Toscana. Learn more. Maremma Toscana is an appellation title covering a wide array of wine styles from the province of Grosseto in Tuscany. It was officially promoted to DOC status in September 2011, after 16 years as an IGT title.

Country Italy. Region Tuscany. Designation of origin Morellino di Scansano. Regulated Designation Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita (DOCG) Grape varieties Sangiovese 90 %, Canaiolo 5 %, Colorino 5 %. Degree of alcohol 13 %. Sugar content 2.2 g/L. Color Red. Size 750 ml.

FINCA LAS MORAS Cabernet Sauvignon. Ruby red color wine. Black fruits, red pepper, vanilla and chocolate aroma. In the palate it presents itself with a delicate structure of ripe tannin and long lasting flavor.

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