Kool aid wine?

Josephine Klocko asked a question: Kool aid wine?
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  • Kool Aid is entirely for flavouring. You could easily use Gatorade or any other flavoring. After the wine is finished and has been bottled, check on the bottles every week or so to see if any more gas is being produced. If the bottle is bulging a bit, just loosen the cap until the pressure escapes then tighten it again.

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To make Kool-Aid wine, start by boiling 14 cups of water and 3 1/2 cups of sugar in a large pot and then letting the mixture cool to room temperature. Next, transfer the cooled sugar water to a glass jug or bottle and add some activated yeast.

If you enjoyed your Kool-Aid wine project, consider playing around with the formula next time, or even moving onto bigger “DIY projects”. In the meantime, party hard or go home! Turn Up Tip: Add the Kool-Aid in a sink or bathtub to avoid a nasty spill. The Kool-Aid can cause the wine to begin foaming. DISCLAIMER: Do NOT attempt if you’re a minor.

You should not be drinking Kool-Aid at age 21. Welch’s grape juice will cure your thirst but only leave you with high blood sugar and a purple tongue. At this point in your life, it is time to be on the lookout for the cheap to fine wine. Best of luck. Report this Content.

I mixed red kool-aid powder in my white wine the first time I drank it. While I was dining al fresco. In Italy. Before Gordon Ramsey shows up at my door to spit in my face and call me a donkey, let me explain. I was sixteen when my parents funded a ten-day summer trip to Europe. SIXTEEN.

Kool Aid is entirely for flavouring. You could easily use Gatorade or any other flavoring. You can try putting the wine in a fridge a couple days before you plan to switch containers. This can help cause the yeast and other sediment to settle to the bottom, making the transfer easier.

Kool aid wine. Would it work to throw wine yeast in kool aid made from the water and powder packets? Or is there chemicals in the kool aid powder that prevents fermentation? 15 comments. share. save. hide. report. 89% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best.

And it resulted a 5 gallon batch of unflavored "wine". I added Kool Aid and Sugar as the packet specified, and IT WAS PRETTY GOOD. Drinkable, +- 10% alcohol content, and Cheap as you can get+-. I'm talking 50 cents per gallon cheap!! Will it stand up to proper "wine", NO, but It will get you drunk and taste decent doing it! YES!! comments? questions?

Moderator of r/brewing, speaking officially. 3 years ago · edited 3 years ago. You're just asking for a terrible drink. You need sugar to make alcohol. If I has sugar it'll ferment. 4 oz table sugar/gal of water gives you 1% alcohol. So 32 Oz of table sugar in 1 gal of kool-aid will be roughly 8% ABV. You must boil it too.

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