Keurig turns off when i hit brew?

Vaughn Raynor asked a question: Keurig turns off when i hit brew?
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  • Unplug the coffee maker
  • Plug it back
  • Press the power button again to see if it turns on this time. Works? Great! Doesn’t work? Follow Step 4.
  • Use a different power outlet and repeat the chore. Doesn’t work? Follow Step 5.
  • Reset your Keurig.

Common Problem 2: K-Cup Brewer Shuts Off Unexpectedly Between Brews. Keurig Troubleshooting Solution: Remove the water reservoir and insert it back into place. The magnet in the reservoir can become dislodged during brewing from the vibrations in the machine.

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This problem will happen if the on/off switch (on the back of the machine) is shorted internally, was replaced with the wrong type of switch, or is held down intentionally while pressing any buttons on the front. The on/off switch is a momentary type rocker switch. It should feel spring loaded and return to its original position after you press it.

Some of our Plus Series / Keurig® 2.0 brewers come with an ‘Energy Saver’ or ‘Auto On/Off’ feature. If your brewer is powering off unexpectedly, ensure these features are not enabled If the ‘Energy Saver’ and/or ‘Auto On/Off’ features are not enabled and your brewer continues to power off unexpectedly, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance at 1-866-901-BREW(2739)

If your air is extremely dry, you can be getting a build up of static electricity, and when you put the machine going, the zap you don’t feel when you touch the machine START Brewing button , could be hitting the machine and shutting it off! MANY weird things happen due to static electricity.

Instructions: When your brewer stops brewing, one likely culprit is a tiny coffee ground clogging the "out" hole the coffee goes through. If you open up your Keurig, you'll see (or feel) a sharp needle in the top half (think where the top of the K-cup would be). That needle has a tiny hole in it.

Every morning when I turn on the Keurig, it goes through the water warm-up, then you press the small cup button to put it through its 'cleaning cycle', an 11 oz. clean out of water. Fine. (We learned the hard way, as the first couple times we had smaller cups there with a k-cup in it and had coffee overflowed everywhere)

Keurig Elite. If the “Auto off” feature is turned on, your Keurig Elite will turn off after 2 hours of its last brew. You will know this feature is on if the green “Auto off” light glows. Quick Fix: To disable it, press the black “Auto-off” button. The green light will go off and your Keurig will stop shutting itself down.

my Keurig won't heat up water nor will it brew. the k cup has the holes necessary, I emptied out the water and refilled, I turned it on and off, I have held down the brew button for over 10 seconds. i …

Internal contacts can cause an issue where your Keurig does not stay turned on. For instance, once you remove the water canister, you have to place it back in the machine correctly. If you fail to do that, the machine will keep shutting off as the machine does not sense any reservoir for fresh water.

Most Keurig machines come with detachable water tanks. If the tank has not been attached properly to the machine, it may not brew well. Therefore, you should check if all the parts are working properly and are properly affixed to their place. Once done, the machine should start working. Machine Shuts Off Automatically Or Doesn’t Switch On

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