Jarno trulli wine?

David Greenholt asked a question: Jarno trulli wine?
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Castorani is a wine estate in the hinterland of Pescara that today is owned by former Formula One racing driver Jarno Trulli… The 'premium' whites and sparkling wines, however, are impeccably made but in some cases are 'penalized' by excessive packaging. The rest of production has always convinced us a bit less.

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Welcome - Castorani - Wines - Jarno Trulli - Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Trebbiano, Pecorino.

Former F1 racing driver Jarno Trulli now produces wine from his Abruzzo vineyard The racing driver-turned-winemaker Jarno Trulli was born on this day in 1974 in Pescara on the Adriatic coast. Trulli competed in Formula One from 1997 until 2011, competing in more than 250 Grand Prix.

Jarno Trulli on F1 and…Wine. Jarno Trulli was born on July 13, 1974 in Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy. He is a professional Formula One racing driver. Married with two children Jarno openly admits he is not a “typical Italian”.

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Jarno Trulli, who retired following the 2011 F1 season after a highly successful racing career that spanned almost 15 years and more than 250 races, acquired the Podere Castorani in 1999 as a welcome break from the pressures of F1: “I became interested in wine because traveling the world for Karting, F3 and F1, I realised that wine is a noble sign of every terroir.

Jarno is passionate about his wines and had a hand in developing the premium wine in the range, a full bodied red wine called Jarno. When he gets talking about it you can see his passion and depth...

Um dos sócios da vinícola é o ex-piloto da Formula 1 Jarno Trulli, por isso desenvolveu-se um vinho com seu nome (branco e tinto Jarno) bem recebido pela crítica, além de prêmios conquistados, como a Medalha de Ouro, na categoria melhor do mundo pela London Wine Competition 2018, entre outros destaques.

Jarno Trulli is an Italian racing driver. He regularly competed in Formula One from 1997 to 2011, driving for Minardi, Prost, Jordan, Renault, Toyota, Lotus Racing and Team Lotus. His best result in the World Drivers' Championship was sixth place in 2004; this was also the year in which he scored the only win of his Formula One career at the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix. Throughout his Formula One career, Trulli was renowned for his skill in qualifying, regularly achieving far better ...

About us - Castorani - Wines - Jarno Trulli - Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Trebbiano, Pecorino. The earliest records of this estate go back to the year 1793.This gorgeous property was part of Lady Adelina Ruggeri De' Capobianchi's dowry when she married the illustrious Raffaele Castorani, who's fame came from his years as a teacher at the Sorbonne in ...

Jarno Trulli Wife or Jarno Trulli Girlfriend and Children. Trulli is married to Barbara. The beautiful couple has been blessed with two sons, Enzo Trulli who was born in 2005 and was named after Trulli’s father, and Marco who born in 2006. Moreover, Jarno is the co-owner of a vineyard in the Abruzzo region in Italy and produces his own wine.

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