Is yellow tail bad wine?

Frank Auer asked a question: Is yellow tail bad wine?
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We ranked Yellow Tail really highly, with 26/30 points.

Yellow Tail's chardonnay had a very smooth and pleasant, citrusy flavor with hints of vanilla that left a nice aftertaste. One taste tester said, "If you said it was a $20 bottle of wine, I'd believe you."

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Take Yellow Tail from the right angle and it's not so bad. During my last wine course for work we were doing Aussie Shiraz. The Yellow Tail was one of them and while we were tasting some exceptionally good wines, for what it was the Yellow Tail wasn't that bad to me.

That year, Yellow Tail sold more wine to Americans than every French wine producer combined. A bottle of Yellow Tail is cheaper than some craft beers. The majority of 750-milliliter bottles of...

One indicator of a wine that has literally turned bad is opacity, but I’m pleased to say the Yellow Tail I tasted was at the very least clear. Nose: It smells exactly what you’d expect a wine to smell like served at a large family function. A typical, unobtrusive crowd pleaser, this Shiraz smells of vanilla, black berries and plum.

As mentioned by Coco, and the manufacturer, Yellow Tail Shiraz is meant to be drunk “young”, so you want the latest on offer. Drinking a 2014 in 2018 is a bad idea. Try 2018 in 2018. Yellow Tail Shiraz is the 5th most popular wine in the United States, and is rapidly growing in popularity around the world.

However, what was good for Yellow Tail wasn’t so great for the Australian wines as a whole. For one thing, Yellow Tail spawned a legion of imitators, and retail shelves were soon crawling with ...

And it got better as the glass got a little air. This wine did not have very strong tannins (which is part of why it seemed 'juicy'), but it wasn't too sweet either. No need to have a lot of food with this wine, and the balance of flavors would probably make the Yellow Tail Cabernet a great base for a pitcher of Sangria.

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Oxidation is likely the culprit if your white wine turns yellow or red wine turns brownish. It’s not necessarily bad, but it is certainly a sign that your wine is on the way to going bad. 2.

This doesn’t mean the wine is bad or “corked.” As wines age, their corks can dry out and crumble when opened. While it’s possible the wine may be oxidized, always smell and take a small ...

A consumer watchdog who purchased six bottles of Yellow Tail said the taste and color of the wine was off. After the complaint, Yellow Tail owner Casella Brands confirmed the wine was not authentic.

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