Is there an electric wine opener that will open a bottle?

Roberto Abernathy asked a question: Is there an electric wine opener that will open a bottle?
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  • It’s a basic electronic opener that will open a bottle of wine with a touch of a button, but it also comes with a recharging base and foil cutter. Plus, since it’s designed with a metallic tuxedo black and brushed gunmetal finish, it’ll look sleek on top of your kitchen counter.

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8,620 Reviews. Best Overall: Secura SWO-3N Electrical Wine Bottle Opener Review. According to many electric wine opener reviews, all Secura products are customers' favorites, and their SWO-3N electrical wine opener is no exception. It takes only four seconds to open a bottle, but these are four seconds of pleasure.

Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener – Best Automatic Wine Bottle Opener for Home and Restaurants This modern looking wine opener is available in three different colors that include black, red and silver. It has a curved body which is European inspired, and it doesn’t require a separate base like other wine openers.

Secura Electric Wine Opener, Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Corkscrew Opener with Foil Cutter, Rechargeable (Stainless Steel) 19,493 $19 99

Let’s be real: opening a bottle of wine (that isn’t a twist-off) is a little harder than it should be. There’s no shame in buying something that will make it easier and faster, which is why I’m...

Once a bottle is opened, it’s best to drink the wine within a few days as it starts to oxidize. But Cuisinart’s Cordless Wine Opener can help extend your wine’s freshness with its vacuum sealer. Corks can be done away with by just a single touch, and its rubberized grip makes it comfortable to handle.

Electric wine openers are battery powered so you won’t need to fiddle with an electrical cord when trying to open a bottle of wine. Some are outfitted with a built-in rechargeable battery. Others take standard AA or AAA batteries.

Rabbit is one of the top brands of manual wine bottle openers, so it makes sense that they've got an excellent electric bottle opener, too. No need to press a button, simply place the opener over...

Some corks are tough to remove, and you can ruin a bottle of wine because of improper uncorking. Electric wine bottle openers make opening any wine bottle a breeze with their foil cutter and built-in corkscrew. Unlike the usual corkscrew, an electric wine opener has a better grip on the cork and can remove it without any damage.

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