Is leviathan a good wine?

Nettie Douglas asked a question: Is leviathan a good wine?
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It's a smoking value to enjoy over the coming 7-8 years. A rich, very fruity red with mocha, chocolate, plums and terracotta. Full body, round, juicy tannins and a solid, flavorful finish. A blend of syrah, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc.

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The Leviathan is a red blend that’s Cabernet-dominant, with an entire supporting cast; you’ve got Cab Franc bringing spice, Merlot bringing softness, and Syrah providing the wine’s richness.

Leviathan is a rich, full wine with vibrant texture. Its complex flavors are derived from a unique blend which highlights the best of California -- carefully fine-tuned each vintage to create a bold, rich, enticing wine.

Leviathan grew out of our work with the vineyards that are the source of the Favia wines produced by Andy Erickson and Annie Favia. In 2004, after creating the blends for Favia, Andy started playing around with various components from nearly all of their vineyard sources—Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Leviathan wine is a red blend created afresh each vintage, sourced from some of the most coveted vineyards in California. Each year, a percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc are blended together to produce a singular wine, showcasing all the best characteristics of the vintage.

The wine reveals a ruby/purple hue as well as complex notes of red and black fruits, green tobacco, cedary spice, and spring flowers. These all flow to a medium to full-bodied, elegant wine that offers good overall concentration, seamless tannins, and a great finish.

Leviathan Wine - The Story. Capturing decades of winemaking experience and vineyard knowledge, renowned winemaker Andy Erickson began Leviathan in 2004 with a single goal: to create a red wine each vintage free from the restraints of appellations and crafted from notable vineyards throughout California. Every year he coaxes the very best from ...

A number of critics have rated this California wine extremely highly: the 2016 vintage was given a score of 94 by The Wine Advocate and the 2011 vintage was given a score of 90 by Wine Spectator.Numerous pr ... Stores and prices for 'Leviathan Red Wine, California' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data.

Leviathan is a rich, full wine with vibrant texture. Its complex flavors are derived from a unique blend and is carefully fine-tuned to create a bold, complex, enticing wine. Though this blended wine is worthy of cellaring, it can be consumed in its youth, showcasing its bright, fruit-driven character and is an incredible value relative to its peers.

Black fruit and spice with some hints of oak make it really pleasant to drink. Leviathan isn't meant to be a long aging wine, it is meant instead to be drunk within the next few years. I am glad to see winemaker Andy Erickson of Screaming Eagle and Ovid fame turning out a very drinkable wine for us. The wines price range is between $45.00 to $50.00.

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