Is it ok to drink mulled wine on ice?

Maximillia Franecki asked a question: Is it ok to drink mulled wine on ice?
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  • You don't even need to warm it up—on ice is very nice. A favorite among sweet-wine drinkers, this dessert varietal ($12) tastes just like apple pie. It's great at room temperature, but we prefer to heat it up and stick a cinnamon stick in each glass for some extra baking spice flavor.

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“Another drink that is equally enjoyable but for different reasons is sloe gin. You can have it warm or on ice but it is still a tasty treat - with much fewer calories.” Mulled Wine

What Ice Does to Wine. Adding ice does two things: It chills your wine, yes; but it can also (eventually) dilute it. “Adding ice to a glass of wine can make it more refreshing and may be a ...

Unless you cook your spaghetti sauce, mulled wine, or rum cake down to a burnt crust, there’s still alcohol in it. groman December 13, 2006, 8:28pm #7

Of course you can drink red wine with ice. A beaujolais is often nicely chilled and ice does it well. The only side effect is diluting the wine. On the other hand if you are drinking an expensive Burgundy then probably not ice. However - you have paid for the wine - drink it how you like and enjoy

opinion Ice skating is horrific so why do we insist on going every Christmas? Or I dart into a pub, cold and wet, and see that inviting soup-pot of mulled wine on the go.

Except, no. You can’t. You shouldn’t. Please don’t. Sure, you don’t have to swirl, sniff, and gargle your wine, but at least let it escape from the bottle before you chug it like it’s Bud Light.*. Let it interact with the air, let its aromas actually reach your nose, let it taste like wine.

MULLED WINE ALCOHOLIC DRINK. Also known as spiced wine, is a beverage usually made with red wine along with various mulling spices and sometimes raisins. It is served hot or warm and is alcoholic. ⇨Requires Custom Drink Interactions_Latestversion RECIPE DETAILS. Serving ...

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