Is barefoot merlot a good wine?

Marlen Homenick asked a question: Is barefoot merlot a good wine?
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Reviews of Barefoot Merlot

They have won numerous awards, including the Best Buy award from the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, an honor based on unbiased online consumer reviews… Wine drinkers on TotalWine give it 4 out of 5 stars for reviews, which is an excellent rating for a $5 Merlot.

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Barefoot Merlot is a luscious wine with alluring flavors of boysenberry and chocolate. Hints of anise and subtle tannins complement the decadent, silky finish. This is a very easy drinking red wine. Barefoot Merlot is a luscious wine with alluring flavors of boysenberry and chocolate.

Spicy aromas, good concentration and an off-dry flavor make this wine robust while staying rather soft and friendly for people who don't love aggressive tannins. Jim Gordon. rating. 86.

Red wine has been praised for its supply of antioxidants. Barefoot Merlot, and other red wines, contain flavinoids and nonflavinoids. The nonflavinoid, resveratrol, comes from the skin of Merlot and other red grapes, and has been linked with lowering "bad" cholesterol and preventing blood clots, according to the Mayo Clinic.

And the current Barefoot merlot ($6, sample) is the kind of wine that drives “wine writers” crazy. It’s simple and very fruity (the back label says boysenberry, but it’s probably closer to a generic dark berry). But it’s also balanced and professionally made. There are no off flavors or obvious flaws.

The Barefoot Merlot is the most popular Barefoot wine on Vivino, with over 23,600 reviews. Similar to the red Zinfandel, the Merlot packs a punch. It is bold, with intense fruit flavors, like plum, blackberry, cherry, and raspberry.

Barefoot has embraced the varietal message with brilliance. Any wine drinker, regardless of knowledge, can go to the grocery store and buy a bottle of technically correct, pleasant tasting Barefoot chardonnay or merlot or pinot grigio or moscato without any trouble at all. It has made wine as easy as it’s going to get; who else can say that?

Barefoot Wine Varieties. Barefoot wines are very original and unique in the sense that they offer a very robust and full-range line of wine products that are designed to meet the flavors needs of everyone. Regardless of what your wine preference is, Barefoot win is sure to have an option that is perfect for you.

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