Ice bath for wine?

Rosanna Dibbert asked a question: Ice bath for wine?
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  • Generally, you only need about 15-20 minutes to cool down white wine in an ice bucket with salt and red wines take a mere 5-10 minutes. If you leave the wine in an ice bath for over 30 minutes it won’t likely freeze, but it will be too cold to really enjoy drinking it.

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Learn how to chill a bottle of wine in 15 minutes with a little water, ice, and salt.

The unsalted (and un-agitated) ice bath took 15 minutes to chill down a bottle of wine, while the wine in the stirred, salted ice bath was ready for sipping in five minutes flat. After establishing that salted ice water would cool my wine more quickly than unsalted ice water, I did a side-by-side test to see whether agitation would dramatically change the speed at which wine cooled.

How to Chill Wine FAST – 5 Quick Methods for Chilling Wine & Champagne DAMP TOWEL METHOD. Putting your bottle in the freezer can decrease the wine’s temperature. But should you wrap it in a... ZIPLOC METHOD. What this method lacks in aesthetic appeal, it makes up for in speed. Prepare an ice bath…

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The melting ice chills the salted water down below the regular freezing point, to as far as 15˚F or so. Not much fun for swimming, maybe, but just right for an overly warm bottle of wine.

Celtic Timber’s wine barrels and whisky barrels are perfect for use as an ice bath for extreme event training and sports recovery. Each barrel bought from this page will be tested to ensure that they are watertight. They will come with a fitted lift-off lid, created from the original barrel lid and a brass tap for draining the barrel.

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