I can t get drunk off wine?

Wallace Carroll asked a question: I can t get drunk off wine?
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  • However, there's a popular belief that wine is incapable of getting people drunk like beer does. This leads many to ask "can you get drunk off wine?" If you've ever had had a glass too many of your favorite Pinot Grigio, you already know the answer. Can You Get Drunk Off Wine? The short answer to this question would be yes.

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It’s common sense that finishing a whole bottle of wine will more or less get you drunk but it doesn’t take that much wine to reach legally drunk levels. To reach a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08, just a couple of glasses will do the trick.

I don't want to get DRUNK per say, but I can't even get that fun tipsy stupid feeling anymore. Last night, I drank a bottle of red wine and a Bud Platinum in a period of about 3 hours. Felt sick and went to bed. Didn't feel intoxicated at all... could have driven all over the place and maybe even walked a tightrope.

1. The “Not Planning On Getting Drunk” You’ve just taken a delicate sip or two and are feeling classy and sophisticated, even if you’re only drinking 2 Buck Chuck. You’re pretty sure this is the picture of elegance and adult behavior, and feeling good about it. You aren’t pounding back shots and shouting, “LET’S GOOOO!”

Continue Reading. Certainly you can get drunk on Moscato (or any wine) if you drink enough of it. As I understand it (I don’t drink Moscato wine) it is on the lower side of alcohol, somewhere in the 5 to 8% range. This is way lower than “normal” wine at 12 to 14 alcohol. So you will need to drink twice as much.

They had me compete in a drinking contest in a bar and gave me EVERYTHING possible to get drunk, including absinthe (which was recently re-legalized in New Jersey) and I'm telling you, I didn't feel a thing. I don't remember the exact amount, but it was something like six different beers, vodka, whiskey, some other shots of stuff, and absinthe.

With as much evidence as we have seen, it is fairly obvious that it is not wise to be drunk with wine. Proverbs 20:1 reiterates: “Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is intoxicated by it is not wise.” Want to be wise? Do not be drunk with wine. Alcohol abuse can lead to violence against others.

The idea that you will get intoxicated from alcohol used in say, a vodka sauce for pasta, or some dish with wine in it, is poppycock! Why? First of all, let’s look at what the research says. If you add wine, or any other source of alcohol to a boiling liquid, and then stop cooking it by removing it from the heat, 85% of the alcohol will remain.

With wine, the grapes that are used undergo a process known as fermentation. During the process of fermentation, it "changes [the temperature], resulting [in a difference in the] fruit flavors and color in a wine." While this doesn't directly impact if you can be drunk from wine, it's definitely good to know. What Affects How Quickly You Get Drunk

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