How to pair chocolate with wine?

Fabian Ankunding asked a question: How to pair chocolate with wine?
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  • How to Pair Wine With Chocolate Helpful Tips. Tip 1: To keep things simple, start with a wine that is slightly sweeter than the chocolate or chocolate-themed dessert. White Chocolate… Milk Chocolate… Dark Chocolate… DIY Pairings… Cheat Sheet…

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When pairing wines with chocolate, try to match lighter, more elegant flavored chocolates with lighter-bodied wines; likewise, the stronger the chocolate, the more full-bodied the wine should be. For example, bittersweet chocolate tends to pair well with an intense, in-your-face California Zinfandel or even a tannin-driven Cabernet Sauvignon.

The best wine pairings for balanced milk chocolates are sweet whites or mild reds. Think light Pinot Noirs or Merlots on the red side, or sweet Rieslings and Muscats, along with dessert whites. Avoid anything that's too heavy when pairing a red wine with milk chocolate, as the wine will overpower the chocolate.

1. Silky, velvety, and soft wines are chocolate's best friend. Both wine and chocolate can have intense, dry flavors. When you put together a dark, bittersweet chocolate with a powerful red wine that's high in tannins, the two can be overwhelming on the palate. In order to find the right balance, it's best to choose wines that are a little bit softer and juicier than the chocolate you're pairing it with. 2.

Chocolate with peanuts pairs well with Banyuls, a syrupy dessert wine with a spicy strawberry flavor. Banyuls also goes well with desserts that include berries. Chocolate with caramel and sea salt pairs well with red wines that have berry, chocolate, or spicy notes.

Dark Chocolate- Semisweet. This is a less of a bitter dark chocolate thanks to the other ingredients that are added to it. This chocolate falls between a milk chocolate and bitter sweet chocolate in cacao falling at around 50-60%. Pair your Semisweet chocolate with Cabernet Sauvignon, Port Wines, or a Riesling.

Pair with: Dried pineapple rings dipped in white chocolate If your V-day dessert involves tart dried pineapple and white chocolate, play off the tropical notes when choosing a wine to go with it. A...

Thus, when integrating a chocolate with wine, it is key to pair robust wines with robust chocolates and sweeter wines with the sweeter chocolate, such as white chocolate. Pro Tips for How to Pair Wine & Chocolate. When enjoying chocolate, your first tasting should have the lowest percentage of cocoa, allowing you to work your way up from white chocolate to milk chocolate to dark chocolate. In line with his advice, Gearhart recommends three local pairings sure to tempt any wine and chocolate ...

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Our Chocolate: What to drink it with! Vanilla: Mexican-style dark chocolate disc with fragrant vanilla bean. Salted Almond: Mexican-style disc with freshly roasted almonds and sea salt ground right in. Crisp Whites like: Chardonnay; Pinot Gris; Sauvignon Blanc

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