How to open a bottle of wine without cork opener?

Nicholas Bins asked a question: How to open a bottle of wine without cork opener?
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How to open wine without a corkscrew?

  • The Screw&Hammer Method This method is the safest and most foolproof way to open a wine bottle
  • The Wooden Spoon Method This method works best if the wine is young or has minimal sediment…
  • The Bike Pump Method The bike pump method also works with a ball pump or any manual pump with a needle at the end…
  • The Serrated Knife Method This method also famously works with a regular set of keys,but it's a little easier to exert gentle force with a knife's handle…
  • The Towel Wrap Method This one is risky,but if you take your time,it should work perfectly. You'll need 1-2 thick towels or blankets…
  • The Shoe Method If you're really without resources,you can use your shoe to tap the cork out…
  • The Other Shoe Method (Sitting Down) Don't have a wall? Or maybe you're in a hotel with neighbors on the other side of the wall…
  • The Wire Hanger Method

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Put the bottle of wine in a shoe that holds the bottle against itself. Try using a boot that covers half the bottle at least. After making sure that the bottle fits, put the shoe against a hard surface in a vertical manner. Hit the shoe’s heel against the surface a few times, the sheer force will loosen the corkscrew.

To open the bottle, you simple take the handle of the wooden spoon, or something similar, and push the cork down into the bottle of wine. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to remove the cork...

How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew Use a hammer and a screwdriver to uncork your wine. Get Out Your Toolbox! Grab a hammer and screwdriver to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.

The easiest way to open a wine bottle without any cork is to use a paperclip or a small pair of pliers. Start by holding the bottle with one of the paperclips facing down. Then using the pliers, pull the bottle gently away from the counter so that it falls down onto the paperclip that is attached to the bottle.

First, remove any foil around the cork. Then, place the bottom of the bottle inside of a flat-sole shoe and hold the bottom of the shoe against a wall so the bottle is parallel to the floor. Holding the wine bottle in place, hit the sole of the shoe against the wall to push the cork out.

Gently pump the wine bottle with air, which will drive the cork upward. Pull the cork out with your hand once it is pushed out enough. You don't want the cork to explode. 4) The Serrated Knife Method. This method also famously works with a regular set of keys, but it's a little easier to exert gentle force with a knife's handle.

Stuck somewhere with a great bottle of wine but no corkscrew? Learn a few creative techniques for opening a wine bottle without a wine opener. The last one i...

Odds are if you don't have a corkscrew, you probably don't have a blowtorch either. But if you do, you can use it to get that pesky cork free. Take the blowtorch and apply heat to the wine bottle neck directly below the cork. Watch as it miraculously forces the cork out of the bottle. This would be a fun party trick to show your guests.

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