How to drink whiskey without gagging?

Margaretta Glover asked a question: How to drink whiskey without gagging?
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  • Muddle a sugar cube and 3 dashes of bitters in the bottom of a rocks glass.
  • Pour in 1 shot of whiskey and some ice, then stir until the ice begins to melt.
  • Add another shot of whiskey.
  • Garnish the drink with a cherry or an orange twist.

After sipping swish it in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing, it kind of desensitizes your gag reflex (yes it's going to burn a bit if you're not used to drinking this way). If the problem continues Sniff and Swish some more, or just keep drinking until the problem goes away.

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How to drink straight spirits without gasping, choking or vomiting By Holly Pyne… If you like whisky, maybe a reposado, which is aged for up to a year. Añejo is aged from a year to three, so it’s more intense. If you pick a highland tequila they’ll be more floral; lowland ones will be more vegetal.

Let it sit under your tongue, and don't open your mouth to talk to anyone for twenty minutes. The membranes under your tongue just loOoOve to absorb stuff. So if you're more of a spitter than a swallow-er, let the booze sit under your tongue for a while. As in at least 20 minutes. Don't say anything to anyone.

As for the type of ice, you’re best off going with a large ice cube (1.5 to 2 inches) or ice ball. Small cubes or chunks of ice will melt faster than larger pieces, diluting your whiskey more ...

choose your poison, and drink what you like. try not to have your stomach filled with 80proof. drink something lighter of alcoholfree in between. if you want to try quite neutral spirits stollichnaya and wyborowa are smooth wodka's

Drinking is not something that one should strive to be "good" at, as excessive consumption shouldn't be the goal. You should drink because you enjoy the alcohol you're drinking, not because you're desperately pursuing the feeling of drunkenness. But you sound young, so you get a pass. EMSK that learning how to drink properly takes a long time.

Answered 2 years ago · Author has 2.1K answers and 2.9M answer views. Because your brain is reacting in an extreme way to the taste and damaging effect on your tissues. It’s fine if you can’t drink alcohol. In your case, since you are having this sort of reaction to it, I would advise avoiding it, just as you would avoid any other food or drink ...

My only experience with whiskey before that introduction was fireball. Now, I can’t drink fireball without gagging a little. While in college, I lived with my two brothers and I would steal Andrew’s Bulleit Bourbon when I would run out of beer. After a while, I got used to the taste and would crave this whiskey over any other liquor.

If you are drinking whiskey, try using pickle juice as a chaser. 2 Tilt your head back. Slightly tilt your head as you raise the shot glass to your mouth.

Unplug your nostrils and suffer through the ethanol with the rest of your pals. Don’t hold it in your mouth. There is no middleman involved in taking a shot. It goes straight from the glass down...

Consuming alcoholic beverages when you’re dehydrated leads to decreased tolerance because there is less water in your blood to dilute the alcohol. For example, before you consume an alcoholic beverage, consider having a glass of water to make sure you are somewhat hydrated. Consider having a glass of water in between each drink.

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