How to drink trappist beer?

Molly Tromp asked a question: How to drink trappist beer?
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  • The Westvleteren Abbey’s advice is to serve the beer between 12 – 16 °C. As with the majority of trappist beers, the Westvleteren also has it’s own chalice glass. It goes without saying that this is the go-to glass for serving all Westvleteren beers. As an alternative, you can use a chalice-shaped glass or a wide wine glass.


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📢 Can you go to a trappist monastery to drink beer?

  • Visiting one usually gets you access to their beers with limited to no distribution. Like any long-distance trip, careful planning will be needed to visit a Trappist monastery. With the growing popularity of Trappist ales, the monasteries have grown accustomed to frequent visits.

📢 What kind of beer is a trappist beer?

  • Trappist beers are strong ales that are created inside a Trappist Abbey, where monks have made beer for hundreds of years in order to support their way of life, causes, and of course drink! How many Trappist breweries there are depends on who you ask.

📢 Does sierra nevada brewing make trappist beer?

  • In 2010, Sierra Nevada Brewing partnered with the Abbey of New Clairvaux, with the monastery beginning production of Trappist -style beers in 2011. The Abbey has not yet been sanctioned by the International Trappist Association, and therefore the monastery will not be brewing official Trappist beer. The brewery employed about 450 people in 2011.

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Most Trappist beers are quite strong, the stronger beers were usually brewed to send out and make a profit. The beers that the monks drank were considered their table beers. These beers were considered the singel or single, a relatively light beer. These Trappist singles did not interfere with their prayer and work in the monasteries. Trappist Single

I recommend you drink these last drops directly from the bottle (like the monks) as they are filled with vitamins. I also recommend you serve the beer at the proposed temperature as serving them too cold or too hot might alter the taste. Trappist Taste At this point, you might ask what is to be expected from such beers.

How many Trappist breweries there are depends on who you ask. For this article we will only be discussing the Authentic Trappist Beers which require the brewing process to occur within Belgian Trappist abbey walls. While these ales pack a punch, most ranging between 6%-10% alcohol, on the pallet these beautifully constructed ales are smooth and full of rich flavors. These beers are not all the same but generally come in three varieties, blondes, dubbels ,and triples.

The Westvleteren Abbey’s advice is to serve the beer between 12 – 16 °C. As with the majority of trappist beers, the Westvleteren also has it’s own chalice glass. It goes without saying that this is the go-to glass for serving all Westvleteren beers. As an alternative, you can use a chalice-shaped glass or a wide wine glass.

Most Trappist beers fall within an alcohol percentage of 8%-12%. For that reason, these beers have led to many a black out to the average beer-chugging American. However, if you drink them right (slowly, and at the intended temperature), they’re heaven. These beers focus more on flavor than hops, and warmer drinking temperature and plenty of head are key to the best tasting experience.

Trappist beer is brewed by Trappist monks. Fourteen monasteries —six in Belgium , two in the Netherlands , and one each in Austria , Italy , England , France , Spain and the United States —currently produce Trappist beer as members of the International Trappist Association (ITA). [1]

These websites also sell excellent mixed/gift packs of Belgian beers and authentic Trappist glassware. Drinking these beers from a goblet or chalice feels as good as drinking Champagne from a flute or a Dry Martini from a proper cocktail glass. Orval (6.2% alcohol) Pale orange in colour. Intensely dry and herbal with a hint of sage.

Trappist style ales are unlike any other beverage on the planet. Trappist monasteries don’t produce seasonal beers or release new recipes every few years. Instead, they’ve honed just a few recipes to absolute perfection. This dedication, coupled with private yeast strains, makes Trappist beers completely unique.

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The most highly sought-after amongst Belgian Trappist beers is the Westvleteren 12 (or XII), a particularly strong brown abbey brew whose reputation has reached near mythical proportions. The 10.2 percent whopper steadily rates among the best beers in the world, but this elusive brewski is immensely difficult to find for purchase.

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