How to drink straight bourbon whiskey?

Makayla Parisian asked a question: How to drink straight bourbon whiskey?
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What is the best bourbon whiskey?

  • But the best bourbon produced by Buffalo Trace is the E.H. Taylor, Jr. line, with the Small Batch Bourbon leading the way. This is a bottled-in-bond bourbon (meaning it’s 100 proof and at least four years old) that is named after an important figure in distilling history. It’s also an incredibly flavorful whiskey that never disappoints.

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Four ways to drink and enjoy bourbon whiskey

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Step one is to learn how to decode bourbon labels, says Williams. “Bourbon is a very broad category,” he says. “It’s important to know what the wording means.” For example, he always looks for the phrase straight bourbon. “Straight is what you want to look for first and foremost when you’re searching the shelves,” he says.

To drink bourbon, start by pouring it into a glass with a wide mouth so the glass is ¼ full. Let the bourbon settle for a few seconds, then put your mouth on the edge of the glass and your nose over it, so you can smell and taste it at the same time.

If you’re a first-time whiskey drinker, this is probably the best way to try bourbon for the first time. Take a small sip after inhaling some of the scents. Keep in mind that straight bourbon isn’t meant to be chugged like a cocktail. Instead, this beverage is meant to be savored.

Next level: Pappy Van Winkle is probably the most in-demand bourbon in the world – try its Old Rip, if you can find it. Pro tip: Store it upright. At 40% alcohol it will start to rot the cork fairly quickly on its side. Olly’s verdict: I’ll happily drink an old fashioned, but for some reason I found neat bourbon unpleasantly sweet.

You'll need: 2 ounces whiskey, rye or bourbon 2 dashes Angostura bitters 1 teaspoon water 1 teaspoon sugar ice cubes 1 lemon twist 1 orange slice 1 maraschino cherry

After you pick up on the lighter side of the bourbon, stick your face in the glass for a deeper smell. “Get your nose deeper and get the richer aromatics and spice,” McCall says. You might notice...

If you are not sure if you have what it takes to put down a good glass of bourbon, take a look at our smoothest bourbons to drink straight for beginners. Newbies will often go to experienced ...

How to taste a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey? Although purists like to drink it neat at room temperature (no ice!), you can add a few drops of water to air it out and open up the bourbon aromas. To taste it this way, it is advisable to use a glass called a brandy snifter, a short-stemmed, balloon-shaped glass.

As for the type of ice, you’re best off going with a large ice cube (1.5 to 2 inches) or ice ball. Small cubes or chunks of ice will melt faster than larger pieces, diluting your whiskey more ...

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