How to drink ningxia red packets young living stock?

Dylan Batz asked a question: How to drink ningxia red packets young living stock?
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📢 How to drink young living ningxia red?

Convention is just around the corner. They have ningxia red you can try with different oils there. So much fun to try. I read of Young Living's blog some of ...

📢 How to drink ningxia red packets?

Convention is just around the corner. They have ningxia red you can try with different oils there. So much fun to try. I read of Young Living's blog some of ...

📢 How to drink ningxia red packets of tea?

2 cups NingXia Red; 4-5 drops Orange essential oil; Combine. Divide into popsicle containers. Freeze. Shots! Shots! Shots! This is probably the most common way to take NingXia Red. You just pour your NingXia Red serving into a shot glass and toss it back LIKE A BOSS. But, of course, you can add essential oils to help with certain goals.

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Drink 1−2 ounces 2 times daily. Shake well before use. Best served chilled. Blend into your smoothie, acai bowl, or juice as part of a delicious breakfast. Combine with NingXia Nitro® for a drink that supports cognitive wellness. Add a drop of your favorite Vitality™ essential oil for an extra flavor boost.

Get the recipe from Young Living. COCONUT ORANGE BERRY. 1 cup coconut water; 2 cups NingXia Red; 4-5 drops Orange essential oil; Combine. Divide into popsicle containers. Freeze. Shots! Shots! Shots! This is probably the most common way to take NingXia Red. You just pour your NingXia Red serving into a shot glass and toss it back LIKE A BOSS.

Products NingXia Red Singles. Take the power of NingXia Red anywhere you go with Young Living’s NingXia Red 2-oz. singles. These convenient, portable pouches are the perfect way to keep this superfruit beverage anywhere you need it. Premium NingXia Red ingredients include juices and extracts from superfruits such as aronia, plum, blueberry ...

NingXia Red 2 oz Singles. Attractive, 60-ml packets are ideal for introducing the naturally delicious NingXia Red. Tough, small pouches protect the powerful benefits of the NingXia wolfberry. Throw them in your purse or backpack, or give them as samples to friends, family, and interested consumers. This item is currently not available for purchase.

Why does NingXia Red contain stevia? NingXia Red contains stevia to naturally reduce the caloric content. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, allowing for a delightfully delicious beverage with only 2 grams of naturally occurring sugar per serving! It also provides the best sugar-alternative flavor with the least amount of aftertaste.

{NingXia Red is also available in these handy little packets. They are great for on the go!} I can honestly say from drinking this over the last year and a half that it has become an integral part of our daily wellness regimen. We are all about wellness and healthy choices in our family from the food and drink we put in our mouths to the products we use on our skin.

A great way to drink it is to take a few sips out of the can and add an ounce or two of NingXia Red, a NingXia Nitro and a few drops of Lime Vitality. You can also add all this to a GLASS over ice to make it extra special.

NingXia Red is an “all-natural” drink additive from Young Living that utilizes the medicinal properties of Wolfberry and several other herbal extracts. This product claims to provide a boost in all aspects of health, including immune function.

Becoming a Young Living member is the best way to get NingXia Red (membership is free). Once you become a member, you get access to wholesale pricing (24% off retail) forever! To become a member, you simply need to purchase a Starter Kit of your choice. If you are primarily interested in NingXia Red, you can check out the NingXia Red Starter Kit. In this post, I outline everything that comes in the kit and why it’s worth it.

But according to a former employee involved in marketing NingXia Red, the drink was, in fact, mostly fruit juice.

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