How to drink mastika tea?

Jerry Emard asked a question: How to drink mastika tea?
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📢 How to drink mastika?

1/2 oz. Mastiha liqueur 1/2 oz. rum Muddle fresh mint, syrup, and lime in glass. Pour in shaker with Mastiha, champagne, rum, and ice.

📢 How to drink mastika fruit?

Muddle fresh mint, syrup, and lime in glass. Pour in shaker with Mastiha, champagne, rum, and ice. Garnish with lime.

📢 How to drink mastika juice?

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into ice-filled glass. CHURN (stir) with bar spoon. Fill glass with more crushed ice and CHURN some more. Keep adding ice and churning until drink fills glass.

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Muddle fresh mint, syrup, and lime in glass. Pour in shaker with Mastiha, champagne, rum, and ice.

In this video I am going to show you how to drink tea - the proper way! I’ll also be showing you how to make a beautiful decoupage Tea-Box to store your tea....

Mastika is a similar drink to Ouzo, and Yeni Raki. These 3 drinks have a similar taste and the same magical appearance in becoming milky white when mixed with water. However, coming across a sentence that contains Mastika, Ouzo, and Yeni Raki, is not frequent. Even though the production process, the taste, and the similarities among these 3 ...

It contains 45% alcohol, has a fiery taste not unlike that of brandy and is usually made from grapes, raisins, plums or figs. Mastika turns White when poured over ice. Also when put in the freezer little crystals form in the drink. In Macedonia it is usually poured over ice and enjoyed with Meze.

Tea is a delicious brewed beverage that is enjoyed all over the world as a comforting treat. First, choose the type of tea you want to drink. There are various types of tea that offer different health benefits and flavors. Next, boil a pot of water and pour it over your tea. Allow your tea to steep for a few minutes before serving it.

Pour in 1 cup (240 ml) of hot water and screw the lid back on. Shake the jar for about 5 seconds and take the lid off. Let the tea sit for 1 minute so it thickens a little before you sip it. You can let the tea sit for longer, but it will become thicker the longer it rests.

Mastika Peshtera is a typical representative of the large family of anise aperitifs. It is one of the favourite drinks in Bulgaria. There are many different ways to drink Mastika – straight with ice or in a cocktail. The most popular mastic cocktail is London Mist, or as Bulgarians call it Cloud, which consists of Mastika, Menta, and ice.

Mastika can be sipped mixed with chilled ayran or even injected inside a watermelon using a syringe. The classic mastika cocktail, however, is called Oblak (облак, “cloud”) – a volatile combination of mastika and menta. 8. A minty summer delight: menta (мента)

This video shows you how to pronounce Mastika

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