How to drink corona with lime?

Eileen Crona asked a question: How to drink corona with lime?
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We advise squeezing as much lime into your bottle as possible, then folding it lengthwise and pushing it as far into the neck of the bottle as possible. Next, put your thumb in the mouth of the bottle to keep any air or liquid from escaping, turn the bottle upside down, and spike your entire beverage with citrus.

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To drink a Corona, start by inserting a lime wedge into the bottle and pushing it in to flavor the beer. Next, sprinkle a little sea salt over the opening to complement the lime. To try something different, add a shot of vodka, 1 teaspoon of grenadine syrup and a slice of lime to your bottle.

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Gently squeeze the lime over the neck of the bottle so that the juice drips into the beer. If you're comfortable using a knife, you can press the wedge horizontally onto the edge, allowing the juice to run down the blade into the bottle. Avoid cutting the skin so that the wedge stays in one piece.

There is, however, an art to consuming la cerveza mas fina — lime flip and all. 1. Store Corona at 53-59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Enjoying a cold Corona with lime and salt gives it a bold, tangy twist. Step 1 Rinse a lime thoroughly, then cut off both ends with a sharp knife. Slice deeply enough to remove the white membrane and reveal the green fruit.

So how do people like to drink corona (if at all) with lime or without? Have ye any other interpretations of the lime in the neck myth? Personally I like it both ways, but would favour the lime, for the citrusy zing like!;) To lime or not to lime? 61 votes.

The classic method is to push a lime wedge into the neck of a Corona bottle so each mouthful of beer filters around the lime wedge. Squeeze a slice of lime directly into a tall glass of beer for the same crisp flavour without the difficulty of securing it inside the bottle's neck.

Pour in tequila to taste. Next add a splash of orange juice, a splash of grenadine, and a squeeze of lime or a whole lime slice. Now you have a subtly layered red and orange hue in your Corona...

Phytophotodermatitis is intensified by heat, sweating, and wet skin, which means a day in the sand puts you at greater risk for a severe burn. Protect yourself by applying sunscreen before sun exposure, washing your hands after dealing with limes, or ditching the lime-topped beer altogether.

Corona is a mild-tasting beverage, with the inserted lime adding its only discernable note of flavor. The provision of a lime dates to the days when metal caps sometimes left circlets of rust on...

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