How to drink bourbon whiskey?

Santiago Hane asked a question: How to drink bourbon whiskey?
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What is the correct way to drink Bourbon?

  • The correct way to drink bourbon is however you like to drink it; mixed or on the rocks on a hot summer day, straight up next to the fire in the dead of winter, or with a twist of lemon with dinner. It’s all good.

What is the best bourbon whiskey?

  • But the best bourbon produced by Buffalo Trace is the E.H. Taylor, Jr. line, with the Small Batch Bourbon leading the way. This is a bottled-in-bond bourbon (meaning it’s 100 proof and at least four years old) that is named after an important figure in distilling history. It’s also an incredibly flavorful whiskey that never disappoints.

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Ice, a little bit of sugar and bitters can help bridge the flavor profiles, make it more palatable.” The goal, he says, is to accentuate the flavors of bourbon rather than mask them, and “the classic Old Fashioned does that wonderfully.”

To drink bourbon, start by pouring it into a glass with a wide mouth so the glass is ¼ full. Let the bourbon settle for a few seconds, then put your mouth on the edge of the glass and your nose over it, so you can smell and taste it

There are no formalities or fanfare when serving bourbon whiskey for yourself. Simply do it the way you want to drink it. However, when serving guests, try to take their own preferences into consideration. The best way to go about this is to simply ask them how they take it.

When someone orders “bourbon, straight up,” they want a measure of bourbon poured over ice, stirred to temperature, and strained into a stemmed glass to protect it from over-dilution as ice melts over time. Bourbon served up is softer (less concentrated), more aromatic (lower proof), and sweeter because cold amplifies sweet notes.

If you’re a first-time whiskey drinker, this is probably the best way to try bourbon for the first time. Take a small sip after inhaling some of the scents. Keep in mind that straight bourbon isn’t meant to be chugged like a cocktail. Instead, this beverage is meant to be savored.

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Water is your friend “When being presented with a bourbon or whiskey you’re not familiar with, always remember water is your friend,” says Johnson. “Have your water on the side, preferably spring water.

The time spent in those barrels is a large part of what gives bourbon its signature flavor. “Most distillers will tell you that somewhere between 60-80 percent of the flavor or the heart and soul of bourbon comes from the maturation process,” says Trey Zoeller, the founder and chief strategist for Jefferson’s Bourbon.

Ice will tighten up the profile, obscuring the nuances of the bourbon, so let your ice melt a bit before you enjoy your drink. While the bourbon tradition was born of stubborn intransigence, like bourbon itself, it has mellowed with age and assumed a character unique to its environs: American society.

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