How much wine will get you drunk?

Favian Carter asked a question: How much wine will get you drunk?
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  • Normally three glasses of “normal” wine (or any alcoholic drink) in one hour is enough to get most people to the “drunk” stage. So an 8% wine would probably take about 5 (6 oz.) glasses to get a person “drunk.” (Of course you mileage may vary.)

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If you are a woman and you invite a couple of friends over for dinner with some wine then you will be able to easily calculate your BAC. Let’s say that you are 150 pounds and drank 5 glasses of wine in an hour.

With a single bottle, you can get around 4 – 6 glasses of wine out of it. If you’re out with friends or drinking alone, the alcohol content means you don’t need to drink a lot of wine to get drunk. It’s common sense that finishing a whole bottle of wine will more or less get you drunk but it doesn’t take that much wine to reach legally drunk levels.

If you’re not an avid drinker, a glass could easily get you drunk. On average, wines have an alcohol concentration between 11 and 13%; how much wine you have to ingest to get drunk largely depends on the actual level of alcohol in wine, really. How Many Drinks Are In A Glass Of Wine?

Alcohol content in wine ranges between 10% to 14% and how much glasses you have, along with other factors, determines how drunk you will get. Social Icons facebook

For those who are used to drinking beer, 12 oz of wine can make you very drunk if you don’t ...

The standard wine has an alcohol percentage of 11.6%. Compared to beer, which has an average ...

The “normal” human body can process about one “normal” drink per hour (that is about 5 ounces of that wine). So if you sip wine at that rate of one glass per hour, you might never get “drunk.” When you exceed that one glass per hour, you are heading toward “drunk.” 9.1K views

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