How many syns in a glass of white wine?

Jerrell Streich asked a question: How many syns in a glass of white wine?
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  • Ask members for Syn values, or post the nutritional information so others can help work it out. How many Syns in a glass of white wine? Darn't think about how many glasses of wine I've had during this heat wave. But just incase I wanted to work it out, does anyone know how many syns are there in a glass of white wine?
  • A bottle of wine is usually 70cl or 700ml so the same as four glasses of this size. So 24 syns. This is the same for red wine and dry white wine but medium white wine is 6.5 syns for the same size glass and 26 for the bottle.

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depends how large the glass is 175ml 6.0 syns 250ml 8.5 syns bottle about 26 syns

Marks & Spencer Just a Glass of White Wine (187ml serving) – 7 Syns Mighty Murray White Wine (125ml) – 4½ Syns Mighty Murray White Wine (175ml) – 6½ Syns

As we mentioned above, red wine can have up to 30 syns, while white wine is more around the 26 marks, for a 250ml glass, this could be around 10-12.5 syns, while a glass of wine that is white might be around 10 syns.

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There a few sweeter wines that vary slightly higher in syns but they all seem to average around 28 syns for a bottle of red wine and 26 syns for a bottle white wine. Tbh I think it can vary quite a bit.

Black Tower Rose Wine, 5.5% vol (250ml) – 5.5 Syns Banrock Station White Wine, Reduced Alcohol (250ml) – 5.5 Syns Black Tower White Wine, 5.5% vol (250ml) – 5.5 Syns

For 250ml glasses of 8-10% vol white wine you would use 9 syns, a glass of wine with 10.5-12.5% vol is 10 syns, for a 13% of high vol wine then you would use 12 syns. Choosing a great low syn wine If you know which wines you like then it is always a good idea to try similar ones from the same country or grape.

Having said that, the size of a ‘glass’ of wine seem to vary quite a lot, and you often get by default quite a large measure! A small glass (125ml) would be about 5 syns, a medium glass (175ml) about 7½ syns, and a large glass (250ml) is 10½ syns – depending on the strength of the wine. See more about syns in wine.

In fact, each and every day, you’re allowed a Syns allowance to enjoy your favourite treats. These Syns include anything that isn’t included on the free foods list, and they mean that if you feel like enjoying a glass of wine, tucking into a few biscuits, or eating out a restaurant, you can stay on plan and continue to get results.

With the average glass of red wine coming in at 5 Syns per serving, it’s mind blowing that Black Tower have managed to launch a range of wine that’s just 1.5 Syns per 125ml glass! I was sent a selection of the new Slimming World-friendly wine from Black Tower to try for myself and pair with my favourite Slimming World recipes.

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