How long to wait before drink alcohol after gallbladder surgery?

Jeromy Schultz asked a question: How long to wait before drink alcohol after gallbladder surgery?
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Should you drink alcohol after having spleen removed?

  • Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, there are no special dietary requirements following surgical removal of a spleen (splenectomy). As to alcohol, check with your doctor. Typically, no restrictions are issued after a splenectomy. But in my opinion, the common sense approach here would be the conservative one - drinking lightly or moderately.

Is it dangerous to drink alcohol before surgery?

  • The weekend before surgery you can have up to 2 drinks. For 2 days before surgery, absolutely no alcohol. The risk from alcohol is that you could have more bleeding during surgery, and after surgery, you could have bleeding, more swelling, and more bruising.


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Wait a few days: After any surgical procedure, it is important to remain hydrated to promote healing and good kidney function. Alcohol use commonly results in dehydration, and should be avoided for up to a week after surgery, or until you feel fully "recovered".

You should be able to consume alcohol 3 weeks after gallbladder surgery provided you are pain and nausea free. Hopefully we are both referring to mild or moderate social drinking and not craving.

Mixing alcohol with opiates can make you sick and can even be fatal, so wait at least 4-6 hrs before drinking to be on the safe side. Can you have a drink of alcohol before surgery? Not a good idea.

Answer: Alcohol after surgery. Hi, If you are taking antibiotics/painkiller, you should wait until you finish taking them. However a glass of wine or beer (I would avoid spirits-gin-vodka-wisky) at least 2 hours before or after your medication will not kill you and will not affect the result or the healing process. Helpful.

Not sure what the association would be, but Ihad my gallbladder removed and drank two days later, just beer that is, and had no significant problems. Keep in mind everyone is different, and our bodies respond in all sorts of weird ways, but the gb removal and alcohol correlation no in my case.

Alcohol and Caffeine According to Johns Hopkins Health Alert, you will be able to drink alcohol and caffeine after you've had a cholecystectomy. But you may want to avoid them shortly after your surgery because they can worsen diarrhea. Other foods that can intensify side-effects include high-fat foods, milk and dairy products and spicy foods.

And although medical professionals prohibit the use of alcohol in the first 24 hours, primarily because of a possible interaction with painkillers, it would be wise to lay off any alcohol in the coming months. Alcohol consumption after gallbladder removal surgery must be approached with caution, counting all potential risks of alcohol as such.

Oh yes baby! lol I think it was about 3 months out when I tried alcohol. I am a redneck from the midwest lol so I was raised on beer, however I would have to say it is probably the least tolerable after surgery - I think too much carbonation. But mixed drinks or other types of alcohol haven't

One or two sessions before you leave the hospital may be good enough after some types of surgery. But if you had a major operation, physical therapy is key.

Do not eat anything after midnight the night before your surgery. This includes hard candy and gum. The morning of your surgery Instructions for drinking before your surgery Finish the CF(Preop) ® drink your healthcare provider gave you 2 hours before your scheduled arrival time. Do not drink anything else, including water.

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