How long do i wait to nurse after drinking alcohol?

Annabell Brekke asked a question: How long do i wait to nurse after drinking alcohol?
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  • Wait at least 2 hours after drinking one standard drink before breastfeeding your baby. Be aware that the more you drink, the longer it takes for the alcohol to clear your system. If your baby needs to be nursed before two hours or more is up, use your previously expressed milk to feed your baby. Drink juice when drinking alcohol

When to nurse your baby after drinking alcohol?

  • The only reason to pump after drinking is for your own physical comfort if your breasts feel too full and it’s not time to nurse your baby yet. (Certainly valid!) A more effective option is to nurse your baby immediately before having a drink, and then wait 2 to 3 hours (after a single drink) to nurse your baby again.


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