How long cold brew good for?

Cecilia Jones asked a question: How long cold brew good for?
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  • Cold brew concentrates will usually keep in the fridge for 1 to 2 weeks. There is no exact number, though many readymade, bottled cold brews from companies like Stumptown have a much longer advertised shelf life. As for homemade cold brew concentrate, I would recommend about 1 week to be safe and 2 weeks if you really want to push it.


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Brew In A Bag uses one burner, one kettle, and the bag. Effectively it is a no-sparge method of brewing. No-sparge has been widely criticized as lacking effectiveness in washing "all" the sugars out of the grain bed, but, efficiency is in the kettle of the beholder.

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While this drink is delicious you better have a mega sweet tooth. The winner in my heart is LeFou's brew! It has the best combination of sweet and tart and the price is just right.

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Keurig brewers come preset to a 192 degree brewing temperature but, several factors can effect the results. We will show you how to maintain the perfect coffee brewing temperature.

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Ales are easier than lagers.

Since lagers require temperature-controlled fermentation, it's usually best to make your first home brew beer an ale. Ales include IPAs, porters, brown ales, and stouts. Once you build your own fermentation chamber, then you can go crazy with the lagers.

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