How long breastfeed after alcohol?

Eliane Kutch asked a question: How long breastfeed after alcohol?
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Key points about drinking while breastfeeding

It should be moderate. Wait 2 hours after a drink to breastfeed your baby.

Is it OK to drink alcohol while breastfeeding?

  • Alcohol and drug use while breastfeeding. When you drink alcohol, it passes into your breast milk. There is no known safe level of alcohol consumption while breastfeeding. Even drinking small amounts of alcohol may reduce your milk supply and possibly cause irritability, poor feeding and sleep problems in your baby.

Is it OK to take alcohol while breastfeeding?

  • While no one knows the true effect that alcohol has on breastfed infants, it's probably wise to abstain – at least in the very beginning. Some experts recommend breastfeeding moms avoid drinking alcohol until their baby is 3 months old.

How long should one wait after smoking marijuana to breastfeed?

  • You can smoke an hour before feeding, as it takes 95 minutes for half of the nicotine to be eliminated from your system. Breastfeeding while smoking should be avoided altogether, always smoke after feeding and away from your baby. Smoke outside or ventilate your home frequently.


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