How long after drinking can you smell alcohol?

Adell Kutch asked a question: How long after drinking can you smell alcohol?
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Breath tests – Alcohol can be detected in the breath from 12-24 hours after intake by a breathalyser.


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The body is ridding itself of alcohol through every available orifice, including tear ducts, skin pores, and the usual outlets. The bedclothes will smell for the three or four days of detox by a binge-er, or longer probably for a confirmed alcoholic.

Okay, that’s all good to know, but why does our sweat smell like we mainlined barley malt hours after we stopped drinking? According to White, “The higher the alcohol content of the drink or drinks the person consumed the night before, the more alcohol oxidation a person’s body will go through, which means more stink-causing diacetic acid.” (Diacetic acid has a smell that mimics vinegar.)

It is probably not possible to completely hide the smell of drink, but there is much that can be done to reduce the risk of detection. There are a number of ways that a person may be able to hide their alcohol breath including: * Eating foods that have a strong aroma can be effective because it masks the smell of alcohol with stronger smells. Spicy foods and anything that contains onion or garlic can be effective.

This is the first, and most obvious, source of "alcohol breath." The simple fact is that what you drink is going to hang around for awhile after you drink it. Be it coffee, cola or alcohol. So if you drink whiskey, for awhile after, you will have whiskey breath. If you drink beer, then beer breath it is. If you drink wine coolers ... you get the idea.

That means you’re not imagining it, fitness studios on Saturdays really can smell like the bar from the night before, and the reason all comes down to biology. “The body treats alcohol like a...

You can wash away the smell of the particular type of liquor you may have drunk, but the stench of alcohol will remain, no matter how many showers you take or how many times you roll yourself in a...

Alcohol can be detected in your breath via a breathalyzer test for up to 24 hours.

Yep, but you’re probably not going to like the answer: time. Your body needs time to process and eliminate alcohol in order to really get rid of the smell on your breath. Any other remedy will ...

I must disagree with John De-Hayes reply. Alcohol does have it's own particular smell and if enough has been imbibed the ethanol can be smelt on the breath the next day. This usually requires a...

This can occur as soon as one day after a drinking binge, depending on nutritional status, overall health status, and the amount of alcohol consumed. Read more: Nutritional deficiencies ...

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