How do you taste wine without getting drunk?

Reilly Dicki asked a question: How do you taste wine without getting drunk?
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Take a good whiff of the wine, drink it and hold it in your mouth. Roll it all over your tongue, suck in some air, which is called whistling, to aerate the wine and discover its flavors. Once you've made a judgment, spit the one into one of the many spittoons available to you.


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You spit wine mainly to avoid getting drunk. If you taste lots of varieties of wine and swallow each sip, you will get drunk. This will eventually affect your ability to taste and judge other types of wine later on in the day.

Sip a small amount of the wine. 4. Swish it around inside your mouth. 5. Spit out ALL of it into the spit bucket provided by the winery. (make sure nothing remains) 6. Swallow (a small amount of wine coats your tongue, only a few drops). Using this tasting approach, you'll be able to taste many wines in a day without getting sozzled.

Answer (1 of 3): For starters, most people aren't going to get drunk unless they decide to go past two full glasses of wine in a sitting, so if you have a significant other or friends, odds are you can share a bottle without having issues as long as you don't try to chug your drink like you're at...

Because if you, for example drink four full normal glasses ( 8 to 12 oz.) of wine of an average alcohol level , you would be considered intoxicated by law. We know that in the Pesah’s Seder we should feel happy and grateful to HaShem for our freedom, but do we need to get drunk too?

OK, that's my little joke out of the way. Clearly you want the buzz of alcohol without the taste. I think the only way to do that will be to disguise the taste with things that have an even stronger taste. So you're talking fruity stuff and, possibly, minty or spicy things.

The wine taste isn’t based on how much alcohol there is, meaning that you can still have an amazing drink of wine without having to risk getting drunk. In Summary Many things are behind why you get drunk off wine and, while tolerance differs from person to person, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If, while tasting, you draw enough air into your mouth to move the wine all over your palate, you will get the full aspects of the wine’s flavor profile without having to swallow the wine. Then, after you’ve spit, draw air into your mouth once more, as that will allow you to taste the “finish” or conclusion of a specific wine.

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