How do you make wine vinegar?

Estelle Johns asked a question: How do you make wine vinegar?
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How to make wine vinegar

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Pour the wine into a clean, wide-mouthed half-gallon glass jar. Put the lid on and shake it well to aerate the wine. Remove lid, and add drinking water until the jar is about three-quarters full, along with the live raw vinegar or mother. Cover the jar with cheesecloth and keep the cloth in place with a rubber band.

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How to make red wine vinegar

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Gail Monaghan, demonstrates, how to make homemade vinegar with table wine that you don't finish. Making vinegar is also "green" because you are recycling y...

Put the vinegar in the crock, then add diluted white wine in the ratio of 2 parts wine to 1 part water. The less you add, the more quickly it will turn to vinegar. 2 cups wine to 1 cup water is a good start.

There are two basic ways to make red wine vinegar: you can either purchase a commercial vinegar "mother" (available where wine- and beer-making supplies are sold) and follow the directions given to you, or you can let nature take its course. Personally, I'm a "let nature take its course" kind of wine advice columnist. The first time I tried to make vinegar, I got more flies than anything else.

Either cross your fingers and hope it happens naturally, or purchase a vinegar “mother,” the name given to the Acetobacter bacteria that consumes the alcohol from the wine and produces the acid we call vinegar. Some mothers are marketed for generic “wine vinegar,” but I do see others specifically for white wine vinegar.

Vinegar can be produced slowly from fruit juice or fermented juice or quickly by adding a culture called Mother of Vinegar to alcoholic liquid.

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