How do you make white wine vinegar?

Raymond Ullrich asked a question: How do you make white wine vinegar?
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  1. Buy a ceramic or glass crock…
  2. Obtain a vinegar starter, commonly referred to as a mother…
  3. Put the vinegar in the crock, then add diluted white wine in the ratio of 2 parts wine to 1 part water.

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Homemade White Vinegar Recipe ½ gallon water 1 ¾ cups sugar 1 packet wine yeast 2 cups unfiltered vinegar 1 large balloon

Press your thumb against the open end of the straw to trap some vinegar inside the straw. Remove the straw from the jar, place the straw into a small glass, and let go with your thumb to discharge the vinegar into the glass. You can use a disposable plastic straw or a reusable straw for this task. 2

How do you make white wine vinegar? —Philip C., France. Dear Philip, Making white wine vinegar works the same way you make red vinegar. Either cross your fingers and hope it happens naturally, or purchase a vinegar “mother,” the name given to the Acetobacter bacteria that consumes the alcohol from the wine and produces the acid we call vinegar.

Here's what to do: 1. Buy a ceramic or glass crock. At least a one gallon size is best--this seems excessive, but you'll want enough room... 2. Obtain a vinegar starter, commonly referred to as a mother. A mother is a combination of cellulose and acetic acid... 3. Put the vinegar in the crock, then ...

If you want to make wine vinegar in larger batches, you will need a 1-gallon glass or ceramic cask that has a spigot at one end. If it's new, rinse it with vinegar and let it dry. Next, fill it to within a couple of inches of the top with wine and place it, covered with cheesecloth, in a location that's about 68 F (20 C).

If you want to make white wine vinegar, choose a white wine you enjoy drinking, such as a chardonnay or pino grigio. To make red wine vinegar, choose a red wine that you enjoy drinking. For example, select a tasty merlot or cabernet. The more aromatic the wine is, the more flavorful the vinegar will be.

It is obtained by the natural fermentation of white wine. It ranges in colour from clear white to pale yellow, depending on which wine is used. Good-quality white wine vinegar has a mellow ...

You can buy vinegar mothers, but probably a simpler, cheaper approach is to buy raw, unpasteurized vinegar. How to Make It Combine the bottle of red wine with the cup of raw vinegar in a large glass, stainless steel, or ceramic container. The liquid should only fill the container 3/4 or less of the way full.

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