How do you identify wine berries?

Reid Grant asked a question: How do you identify wine berries?
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Wineberry thickets can be identified easily and even while driving in the car by the reddish coloration of the cane, unique flower bunches, and calyxes. The easiest way to identify wineberries is before they ripen. The immature berry is enclosed in a hairy leaf-like structure called a calyx which grows in clusters.


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  • This clef du vin wine tool actually mimics a wine's true aging potential. Simply place the wand in the glass of wine and let it get to work. It works on all types of wine, and the longer it is in contact with the wine the more dramatic the effects will be.

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Typically wineberry is found in disturbed areas along forest and field edges with lots of sunlight. From my experience, they tend to not like full shade. Wineberry is often associated with successional (maturing/changing) forests filled with hardwoods, such as hickory, oak, and walnut.

Identification to species can be difficult. While the skin on some species is reddish or purplish, none are covered in reddish hairs like wineberry, and many are heavily armored with thorns. Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) leaves and canes.

Find a cluster where most or all of the berries are ripe, grab the cluster by the stem and give it a nip with the pruners. Hold the cluster over your gathering basket and simply brush the berries into the basket with a free finger.

Below are some hints to help you identify the berries that wintering thrushes may be feeding on. Later in the season leaves may not be present on some of these species, making identification more challenging. This is not meant as a definitive guide, and there are many other species of berry-bearing plant found in the countryside.

You'll want to shift to darker fruit for red wine profiles. The most common scents and flavors for red wine varietals include blackberry, blueberry, cherry, cranberry, fig, plum, raisin, raspberry, strawberry, and various floral tones and spices. In reds, you'll often notice more tannins, which are responsible for the dry mouthfeel.

If you wish to grow your own wineberry, you can also obtain plants from many nurseries. Grow wineberry in light, medium or heavy soil (sandy, loamy and clay, respectively) that is well draining. It isn’t picky about the pH of the soil and will thrive in acidic, neutral and alkaline soils. While it prefers moist soil conditions, it can be ...

But there is rowan berry wine. The earliest mention of an alcoholic drink using the berries I can find comes from the late eighteenth century - "The poorer sort of people in Wales make a drink ...

The easiest way to tell the difference between these two berries is by looking at the plants’ stems. Raspberry plants have lots of small to medium thorns, while thimbleberries are thornless. You can also sometimes distinguish between thimbleberries and raspberries by looking at the berries themselves.

If you cut a blueberry in half you will notice the inside of the berry has a green hue. The result of this blueberry wine recipe, however, is a deep, dark violet. The colour is extracted from the skins as they sit in the fermenter macerating.

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