Glass of wine during labor?

Alfredo Lowe asked a question: Glass of wine during labor?
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  • A glass of wine during labor... The main reason it's not used medically to stop labour is that there is so much awareness of the risks of alcohol to the baby that most mums would refuse treatment with high doses - even if it were shown the risk of preterm birth is more than the exposure to alcohol.


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Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block and creator of SNOO Smart Sleeper, answers the question, "Can I drink a glass of wine during labor?"

Can I Drink a Glass of Wine During Labor? Perhaps your doula or midwife has suggested drinking a glass of wine during early labor to relax your uterus. But if that sounds a little odd to you, your instinct is probably right. You'd probably need a lot more than one glass of wine to seriously relax you during labor (but not that we recommend that!)

I didn't necessarily think a glass of wine would bring on labor, but I didn't think it would hurt either. In a way, I associated a more relaxed state with a body that was ready for the marathon of...

I plan on laboring at home as long as possible considering the hospital is literally 3-5 minutes away and also I get uptight in hospitals. I have heard as well as read some where that it is okay to drink a glass of wine during labor at home? Is this a good idea, has this helped anyone relieve some tension...

January 2012. I've heard wine as well as a shot of vodka or whiskey. I think the thought is that if you aren't in full on labor, the alcohol will help you relax and the contractions will subside, but if your body is actually in labor, then the drink will help your mind and body relax so the contractions will be more effective.

A small glass of wine (125ml); A small glass of liquor (40ml). So, can pregnant women drink wine? In conclusion, a glass of wine during pregnancy consumed on a daily basis will affect the baby. It`s already proven that they may develop difficulties in learning, language development problems or hyperactivity, compared with the children for which their mothers didn`t consumed alcohol during pregnancy.

Just how much labor goes into a bottle of wine before you pour it into your glass? From the type of grape it is to the place where it grows, here are some of the world’s most labor-intensive libations. Vines That Cling. There are some wine regions where the vineyards are painstakingly difficult to harvest due to their challenging locations.

I had a glass of red wine during labor. It was my only pain "medication" and helped me relax into the contractions. One glass of wine at that point has a much smaller impact on baby than any other pain medications.

In fact, a glass of wine in the later stages of pregnancy actually has an opposite effect; it might inhibit labor from occurring. Alcohol causes the uterus to relax and prevents early labor, it is certainly not recommended to induce labor.

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