Duck confit wine pairing?

Tad Batz asked a question: Duck confit wine pairing?
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Wine pairing with a pinot noir for a duck confit dinner : food & wine pairing

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A dish like duck confit is rustic and intense, and it needs an equally intense wine to accompany it. Malbec is full-bodied with robust tannins and powerful dark fruits. It also reveals certain smokiness that can match up with the rustic nature of duck confit.


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Wine with duck: Top matches Duck à l’orange – high acid, rich white, or fruity, low tannin red Confit duck – big, powerful, rustic reds Duck breast – medium tannin red, like Pinot Noir

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Yet this pairing is not only one of the most provocative and novel achieved in the Valpolicella region, Amarone’s home, but also one of the greatest. Why does pairing Amarone with food present such a challenge? The art of pairing wine with food aims to enlighten each morsel with a sip, avoiding the palate becoming saturated by rich dishes.

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  • Asiago Cheese , like many Italian cheeses is fairly universal when it comes to wine pairing. It is more commonly paired with reds such as Beaujolais , Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah , and of course its countryman Chianti . For those who prefer white wines, Asiago cheese also pairs well with Chardonnay, Riesling , or Sauvignon Blanc .

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How to make crispy duck confit

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Duck confit has an elegant but rather strong rustic flavor, often generously salty. The South Western French pair it with their local rich and heavily tannic red wines for a reason, or two reasons in fact. Your red will need to have strong enough flavors to withstand the strong taste and saltiness of the dish. Dense tannins help adding a savory element to the pairing and cutting through the abundance of fat.

The dark, intense smokey notes of Mourvèdre are fabulous with duck, especially cooked with a red wine sauce. Or smoked as in this highly successful pairing. Madiran and Marcillac. Tannic Madiran comes from the same area of the south-west France that produces foie gras - and therefore shedloads of confit duck.

Tips on Wine Pairing with Duck 1. Pair slow-cooked, fruity, spicy or mild-flavored duck with whites and lighter acidic reds. 2. Pair rich, fatty or strongly flavored duck with bold reds higher in tannins. 3. Pair roasted and moderate-intensity duck with medium tannin reds. 4. Pair duck pate or fois ...

Usually served either with a salad, or potatoes (or both), duck confit usually consists of either a whole leg or a piece of duck breast that has been slow-cooked in its own fat. I like to pair regional dishes with wines form that region, as they have usually evolved to go well with one another. This is an example where this rule holds true.

For Thanksgiving, my wife is preparing duck confit, and she asked me to pair a red wine with the dish. Here are the better pinot noirs that I already have in my small collection: 2011 Simon Bize Savigny-les Beaune Aux Vergelesses 2011 Simon Bize Savigny-les Beaune Les Fourneaux 2012 Jadot Beaune Theurons 2012 Faiveley Corton

Ribera del Duero. Suggest another wine varietal that pairs well with Duck Confit. Your Blog or Website link with more details on this food and wine matching (optional) Find recipes for Duck Confit. Cabernet Sauvignon. Sauvignon Blanc. Suggest another wine varietal that pairs well with Duck Confit With Turnips.

Wine with duck: Top matches Duck à l’orange – high acid, rich white, or fruity, low tannin red Confit duck – big, powerful, rustic reds Duck breast – medium tannin red, like Pinot Noir

Roast Duck with Cherry Sauce: Riesling Spälese, Beaujolais Cru Cherry sauce will match both Red and White wines. For White try a German Riesling Spätlese or if you prefer drier wines, then a Red Beaujolais Cru will have sufficiently low tannins so as not to clash with the duck. Confit de Canard: Alsace Pinot Gris, Marsanne, Rousanne

Best Wine to Pair with Duck Confit : Red Wine of California - Merlot Red Wine of California - San Luis Obispo - Paso Robles Red Wine of California - Sonoma County - Merlot Red Wine of California - Zinfandel Red Wine of Australia - South Eastern - Clare Valley - Shiraz (Syrah) Red Wine of Australia - ...

Which brings me to the more traditional pairing of wine with duck confit. Red wine. Red wine. A probably a Pinot Noir – this is what most of the wine books or discussions on wine forums reckon is the best match – although there are also a lot of recommendations for Bordeaux, or something a bit young and tannic to cut through the richness.

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