Does red wine induce labor?

Daisy Zieme asked a question: Does red wine induce labor?
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  • In fact, a glass of wine in the later stages of pregnancy actually has an opposite effect; it might inhibit labor from occurring. Alcohol causes the uterus to relax and prevents early labor, it is certainly not recommended to induce labor.


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But she tells Romper moms can "try drinking several cups of red raspberry leaf tea, which has been used for a long time to tone, strengthen, and encourage uterine health during pregnancy."...

Never heard of red wine to induce labor before but I know that it's common for midwives to recommend guinness in late pregnancy for iron. At this point, I'm happy to try just about anything and a nice glass of shiraz sounds heavenly right now. No formatter is installed for the format bbhtml

Anyways I was reading a few posts about drinking red wine to induce labor. I've heard that when you are over due, you are supposed to try to be as relaxed as possible, and labor should follow shortly.

Wine to induce labor? ... I have a bottle of red wine hanging out in my kitchen right now.. lol... I'm tempted! Maljul… I found am article on 40 things to do to induce and I saw wine, but I ...

"They all have an anecdotal story in which someone they know was overdue, had some wine, and it got things started. But long ago, intravenous (IV) alcohol was used to treat and stop preterm labor....

He said the idea was the red wine would relax my muscles and the walk would start the labor.

Does red wine help induce labor? Wiki User. ∙ 2005-12-26 02:39:06. See answer. Best Answer. Copy. no alcohol will actually supress labor and could stop it if you drink enough Before modern ...

Drinking during pregnancy can increase your baby’s chance of being born with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). FASD can affect children’s physical, mental, behavioral, or cognitive development. So, before you consider drinking some wine to relax your baby for labor, think about where it will end up.

I read somewhere that a glass of red wine can help induce labour. Obviously just a glass and not the bottle lol. thanks in advance and sending mega happy hormonal vibes to all in the same boat xx Original poster's comments (11)

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