Does dhl ship alcohol?

Marcelina Weimann asked a question: Does dhl ship alcohol?
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Dhl wine and spirits logistics

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DHL Express adheres to FDA and TTB requirements as well as state and local regulations. We have approved standardized practices in place that ensure shipments containing alcoholic beverages can be transported at the service level our customers request.


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Alcohol is a depressant that affects the brain by causing the brain to slow down. Alcohol can affect your child's brain which continues developing into their early twenties. Alcohol can negatively impact on your child's problem solving skills and performance at school.

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Customers residing in states that DHL is permitted to transport alcoholic beverages that would like to import may advise the shipper of their requirements and must have document copies ready for submittal in order to receive their shipments.

DHL Express adheres to the local regulations to ensure that shipments containing alcohol can be shipped without hassles. There are specific requirements that need to be met by both exporters and importers when it comes to shipments containing alcohol. Exporting shipments with alcohol

Alcohol Sending alcohol within the UK is permitted, but shipments containing alcohol to destinations outside the UK may be subject to local restrictions Cigarettes, cigars and tobacco products

DHL Wine &Spirits Logistics. Transportation of Liquid Goods. We offer specialised transportation to a wide range of customers across the wine and spirits industry. Our relationship with Giorgio Gori provides us with a network of staff and equipment, secure and optimised warehousing, advanced IT technology and fast, protected and certified transport ...

DHL Wine & Spirits Logistics. Transportation of Liquid Goods. We offer specialized transportation to a wide range of customers across the wine and spirits industry. Our relationship with Giorgio Gori provides us with a network of staff and equipment, secure and optimized warehousing, advanced IT technology and fast, protected and certified ...

If you are in any doubt as to the acceptability of your goods, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service prior to shipping. DHL's security policy states that it is not allowed to transport counterfeit goods via the DHL network.

For example, you cannot ship alcohol via DHL without a license and an approved facility. Although there is huge variance, there are four universal rules. You must advise your carrier that your package contains alcohol. You must pay the surcharge associated with shipping alcohol.

Avoid DHL Shipping Problems by Understanding DHL Shipping Restrictions. Hopefully your eCommerce inventory are DHL allowed items! But if they happen to be on the restricted list, you must make sure you have pre-approval with DHL, and that all conditions and circumstances for carriage are met before you start shipping cross-border.

Yes, you can mail alcohol! Here is your handy guide to shipping alcohol across state lines or international waters.

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