Does circle k sell alcohol?

Norval Langworth asked a question: Does circle k sell alcohol?
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Circle K offers a wide selection of domestic, imported and craft beers. For an extended ice-cold selection, check out our "Beer KAVE" at select stores. Many stores also offer a large assortment of wine.


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Different states have different laws. So check local laws.

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  • The law says that you can't sell alcohol, but if someone asks you to do a brew and pays for the ingredients and your time/equipment it might be a different matter. That sounds a bit like unlicensed contract brewing, which would also be illegal.

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  • Sales of any type of alcohol are legal at any store that has an off-premises liquor license, including but not limited to convenience stores and grocery stores. Bars may sell closed containers of alcohol for consumption off the premises. Drive-through liquor stores are allowed.

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New Circle K cleared to sell beer, wine LA MIRADA – This city typically doesn’t let many new businesses come in and sell alcoholic beverages but the Planning Commission voted 3-0 Thursday to allow a Circle K to sell beer and wine. The new store will go in at an existing Shell service station, 14204 Rosecrans Ave.

It’s coffee made personal, coming up hot, fresh and just the way you like it. Pour your own cup of our Circle K Coffee and make it your way. Choose from a variety of brews and flavors, with your favorite creamers and sweeteners. No better way to start your day. Fuel savings of up to 20¢ a gallon!

Circle K,minimarts and all the rest who used to sell Alcohol still sell it. Just has the fridge door covered, as mentioned. Report inappropriate content 4. Re: buying alcohol at Circle K 5 years ago-:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:

Circle K is a convenience store chain offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, a cold beverage, a Polar Pop cup, a Froster drink, or fresh food to go, we are the place to visit.

Circle K will be limited to only 60 square feet for the display and storage of beer and wine. The new store will have more than double the existing space, totaling 1,126 square feet. Ben Donel ...

Today (Feb. 1) the State Liquor Authority web site shows about 40 Circle K locations in Central and Northern New York with expired liquor licenses. In almost all cases, the expiration dates on the...

Thirty out of 38 Circle K convenience stores in central Indiana sell beer and wine. Its 96th and Meridian location on the north side of Indianapolis also wants to sell alcohol, and for a good reason. Its 96th and Meridian location on the north side of Indianapolis also wants to sell alcohol, and for a good reason.

Greenwood City Council now supporting those efforts RTV6 News brings you the best breaking news coverage in Indiana. News, information & entertainment from R...

Circle K No Longer Selling Beer. No more beer at Circle K Stores. Last weekend, the convenience store offered huge discounts to liquidate its beer inventory at many of its local locations, including in Seneca Falls. The deal ended at midnight Sunday. reports the problem appears to be a paperwork error, and beer sales could...

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  • According to California alcohol laws it’s illegal to sell powdered alcohol. Learn more by reading the law. It’s illegal for anyone under age 21 to buy, or attempt to buy, any alcoholic beverage. However, they may attempt to buy to help police entrap clerks.
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With this in mind, Congress was able to pass the 18th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution on January 16, 1919 in an effort to deter this upbringing. The amendment, although didn't ban the consumption of alcohol, it banned the making of alcoholic beverages, and prohibited the distribution/sale of such products.

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The legal age for purchase and consumption of alcohol beverages was raised from 16 to 18 in 2014. Selling alcohol beverages to people under 18 is prohibited, buying alcohol beverages for someone else under the age of 18 is also prohibited. North Macedonia: None: 18 Norway: None: 18 (<22% ABV) 20 (≥22% ABV)

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Howard and his partner, Bill Newman, are making a beer, dubbed an "American session ale" and named Winner's Circle. It's produced at the Lake George Beer Hub just outside Glens Falls, and after a ...

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40 Circle K Locations Had to Stop Selling Beer Due to an 'Administrative Error' It took nearly three months to get beer back on the convenience stores' shelves. If you live in Upstate New York, you may notice a change at your local Circle K: Beer is back after a nearly three-month hiatus.