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The 6 Most Impressive Wine Cellars in the World

  • The 'Fine Wine Shrine': Franklin, Tennessee.
  • Old School Ostentation: The Bosphorus, Turkey.
  • Neon Nights: near Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Plush Practicality: Spiral Cellars, UK.
  • Hospitality Haven: Huvafen Fushi Resort, the Maldives.
  • Sky High Service: Radisson Blu Hotel Stansted, UK.


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📢 How long has summit wine cellars been around?

  • For two decades, Summit Wine Cellars has been providing expert advice and cutting-edge climate control solutions for discerning homeowners, restaurants, wineries and building professionals.

📢 Stags leap wine cellars artemis 2014?

2014 Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Artemis Cabernet Sauvignon. USA > California > Napa Valley; Auction price: Register or sign-in to see quarterly averages or visit the Wine Market Journal Drink between: 2019 - 2025 (Add My Dates) Other Vintages (33) Add new vintage... 2018; 2017; 2016; 2015; 2013; 2012; 2011; 2010; 2009; 2008; 2007; 2006; 2005; 2004; 2003; 2002; 2001; 2000; 1999; 1998; 1997; 1996; 1995; 1994; 1993; 1992; 1991; 1990; 1988; 1987; 1978; 1974; NV; From This ...

📢 Stone cellars merlot wine review?

3.5Suprisingly not over-oaked, very little and at this price point probably wood chips, but overall drinkable. 3.5Pale yellow with greenish hues. On nose many citrus, green apple and lemon. On palate soft, light and pleasant.

📢 What is direct cellars wine club?

  • Direct Cellars Wine Club is quickly becoming known as the the authority in premium wines from all of your favorite regions globally as well as the hottest home based opportunity in the profession! Direct Cellars Wine Club.

📢 What is okanagan estate wine cellars?

  • Okanagan Estate Wine Cellars is a neighbourhood wine shop that aims to cater to individuals looking for the finest wines at reasonable prices. They are dedicated to living up to their customers’ needs and helping them find exactly what they are searching for.

📢 What kind of wine does bell wine cellars make?

  • Bell Wine Cellars wines are a tribute to tradition and terroir. Our elegant, powerful and complex wines showcase the pinnacle of Napa Valley wine. Step inside a world of clonal driven wines, hand-crafted from small-lot vineyards from Napa and beyond.

📢 What kind of wine is in hi time wine cellars?


📢 What kind of wine is scotto's wine cellars?

  • He taught his sons how to make and sell wine, and they eventually opened Scotto's Wine Cellars; it's still a Brooklyn neighborhood landmark after all these years. The crisp, dry flavor profile makes this Dry Rosé a perfect choice for a wide variety of both delicate and spiced foods.

📢 When did presque isle wine cellars start making wine?

  • Presque Isle Wine Cellars has been providing wine making supplies to home and commercial winemakers since 1964. Since our founding, our goal has been to provide the most comprehensive inventory of winemaking supplies and equipment at the fairest prices in the business.

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Dave phinney of orin swift cellars: ep. 138

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The coolest wine cellar ideas Underground Spiral wine cellar. Wine cave. Signature eponymous wine cellar. Secret stash.

Wine cellars that sweep you off your feet, pulls up a chair, and invites you to stay a while – like the Clayton Korte Hill Country Wine Cave. A Hidden Cave Might Just Be The World’s Coolest Wine Cellar

Some homeowners have luxurious wine cellars in their homes that store hundreds or even thousands of bottles that would surely last us a lifetime. (Ok, well, at our rate, at least a couple of years.) While some of these spaces look more like a restaurants in Las Vegas or the basements of high-end wineries, they are all in fact located in residences across the country.

Wine is a delicate thing. It tolerates temperature and humidity changes only within a narrow band. If it goes above or below, then the aging process is likely to go awry. When it comes to temperature, 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius) is the accepted sweet spot.

Oh, and keep them sideways if possible as this keeps the cork wet. If it dries out, oxygen can get in and spoil your wine. Here are some of the coolest designs we’ve seen… The garage silo. Garage wine cellar by Spiral C ellars. This secret trap-door wine cellar is the stuff of dreams.

The innovation of Revel wine cellars is displaying bottles so they can be viewed easily, including... [+] its patented lazy Susan shelving.

The Lauren Ashton Cellars Tasting Studio 14545 148th Ave NE, Suite 211 Woodinville, WA 98072

Whether you're interested in a wine closet, wine racking, custom wine racks, a custom wine cellar door, or a cooling system for your existing space, Vintage Cellars has you covered! We carry all kinds of wine cellar cooling and refrigeration systems, incuding: Breezaire, CellarCool, WhisperKool, Wine Guardian, CellarPro and Commercial systems.

A love of wine began for Carl and Gretchen Wray nine years ago on their honeymoon in Italy, and led to the creation of a stunning wine cellar at their home on the Ohio River in Proctorville, Ohio. “Together, we designed our home and planned for a wine cellar off the dining room between the kitchen and home theater, to conveniently pick a wine to pair with a meal or conversation,” Gretchen said.

This Malibu, Calif. manse has an unusual take on the wine cellar. Usually, wine is protected from direct sunlight as a means of preservation, but this wine cellar opts for windows, so drinkers can enjoy the wine and the view at the same time. Purists may scoff, but no one is dismissing the asking price of $14.5M.

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Where does backsberg estate cellars produce wine?
  • Nestled on the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain equidistant to the cosy Winelands towns of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl, Backsberg Estate Cellars produces a selection of tiered wine and brandy offerings from the region. “Care for the environment means care and concern for succeeding generations.” - Michael Back
Who owns josh cellars wine?
  • The winery is owned by Mark Wagner, founder and vineyard manager, and Josh Wig, co-owner and winery manager. The winery opened in 1991. Lamoreaux Landing owns 101 acres of vineyards over 10 square miles.
Who owns livingston cellars wine?

Owned by John and Diane Livingston, the winery has used the Livingston name on its vineyard-designated Cabernet Sauvignons since it was founded, in 1984.

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  • To ensure optimal quality, AJ’s seafood is flown in and delivered fresh daily. AJ’s Fine Foods Wine Cellars have cultivated an unparalleled reputation for service, selection and knowledgeable staff.
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  • For decades, Summit Wine Cellars has created dramatic custom wine cellars, wine racks and wine display systems in finer homes, restaurants and hotels throughout the world. YOUR PASSION.

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Luxury real estate: three wine cellars, three personalities - wsj mansion Why join vintage cellars wine club?
  • As a Vintage Cellars Wine Club member your passion for discovering new and exciting wines just got even more rewarding. Since 1951, we've always prided ourselves on offering the best service and in-depth knowledge and as a Wine Club member, you will receive these exclusive benefits:

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