Can you use red wine vinegar instead of balsamic?

Harry Kertzmann asked a question: Can you use red wine vinegar instead of balsamic?
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In a similar vein to apple cider vinegar and sugar, red wine vinegar is a suitable substitute for balsamic vinegar. In comparison to apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar has a similar color to balsamic, and resembles it a little better.

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I use red wine vinegar mixtures instead of balsamic vinegar because these two kinds of vinegar have similar flavors. Balsamic vinegar is sweeter and thicker in texture, so I had to add something to red wine vinegar to thicken the texture. The alternative with sugar is good, but the one with maple syrup is exceptional.

Here are three quick fixes you can count on when you need a substitute for balsamic vinegar: Grape jelly, red wine vinegar and soy sauce. Per the pros at Food Network, a dig around your pantry can give you an excellent balsamic substitute. Red wine vinegar and maple syrup.

Use balsamic vinegar as a 1:1 substitute for red wine vinegar in most recipes. You can also dilute it with white vinegar or red wine. Because of its thicker, sweeter properties, you may need to...

To mix up your own balsamic vinegar substitute at home, all you need is cider or red wine vinegar — plus sugar — for a basic mixture. Just stir up 1 tablespoon of the liquid with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and mix well. This will be enough to replace 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar that a recipe may call for (via Better Homes & Gardens).

Balsamic vinegar is an Italian favorite and can be a perfect red wine vinegar substitute. With a milder, sweeter flavor, balsamic vinegar as a substitute for red wine vinegar requires you to decrease any sweetener called for in the recipe. 3.

Short answer to both, is yes. Any vinegar, with a splash of balsamic will replace red wine vinegar. White wine, or water with a splash of balsamic will replace red wine. There's a lot of variables, but for most cooked foods, this should be fine.

Red wine vinegar is more acidic than balsamic, which, for someone looking for a clean flavor zing, is a good thing. As its name suggests, red wine vinegar is made from wine allowed to ferment until it becomes sour, at which point it is usually bottled. (The better the wine, the better the vinegar.) Can you make balsamic vinegar from red wine?

But balsamic is a better stand-in than nothing and can be used as a 1:1 swap in salad dressings. For other recipes that call for red wine vinegar, start with half the quantity of balsamic, and taste for sweetness before adding more or upping the acidity with lemon juice for a brighter, more piquant dish. 4. White Vinegar and Red Wine

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