Can i use a turkey fryer to brew beer?

Marina Johnson asked a question: Can i use a turkey fryer to brew beer?
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A good turkey fryer burner will definitely boil up to 12 gallons of wort, but it might take a while. For 5 gallon batches, however, it will work fine. If you don't already own a turkey fryer, don't buy one specifically for brewing.


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📢 Can i use any pot to brew beer?

If you select a well made heavy-duty pot, large enough for a full boils that is heavy and conducts heat well, you can't go wrong with either stainless or aluminum… Now I personally use stainless steel, but I've also been brewing for 25 years and started out using a cheap kitchen pot.

📢 Can you brew beer from bananas?

Craft brewers have been revolutionizing the way that beer is made for decades. There have been popular beers made from all types of fruit, vegetables, and even meat products.

📢 Can you brew beer in a turkey fryer?

  • Some retailers discount turkey fryers after the holidays, but make sure to check the details before you buy. What is good for deep-fried turkey may or may not be good for your beer. And remember, never brew beer in a pot in which you’ve fried a turkey. Unless you enjoy that sort of thing… Want to get the most from your grain?

📢 Can you brew beer in basement?

You can brew as little as a 1-gallon batch of beer… If you have a corner in the basement, some extra closet space, or any other free nook in your house, a 5-gallon batch shouldn't be a problem.

📢 Can you brew beer in garage?

Can you brew beer in the garage? There is no beer-related reason why you couldn't brew beer in your garage. To brew beer you just need the proper equipment and ingredients along with a heat source that can bring your water up to the correct temps for mashing, sparging, and boiling the wort.

📢 Can you brew beer in space?

Space Brewing Is Harder. Budweiser just sent seeds for its suds up to the ISS. Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company of Budweiser, just launched its barley seeds into space. It's the fourth in a series of experiments meant to test how the seeds germinate in microgravity.

📢 Can you brew beer under 21?

Additionally, brewing kits can often be purchased online, regardless of age. Federally, anyone who reaches the age of 18 is considered an adult by law, making it legal for them to make a homebrew. However, the federal drinking age of 21 still applies, meaning you cannot drink a homemade alcoholic beverage.

📢 Can you brew beer without yeast?

So, Can You Make Alcohol Without Yeast? Generally, yeast is used for the vast majority of alcohol making processes. Especially beer is quite dependent on yeast and can't really be made successfully without it. Without the presence of yeast, there is no way(so far) to turn sugar into alcohol.

📢 Can you use tap water to brew beer?

  • If you know that your local water, and therefore tap water, is either very hard or very soft this can really have an effect on your beer and especially if you brew from all-grain recipes. Hard water means that the water has higher concentrations of dissolved calcium and magnesium in it.

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There's nothing wrong with a turkey fryer and the included 5-6 gallon pot. It'll brew beer. It just won't go All Grain for 5 gallon batches (well, you can manage well enough with a 6 gallon pot for AG). I don't mean to disparage any turkey fryer brewers. In fact, that is how I started.

Some retailers discount turkey fryers after the holidays, but make sure to check the details before you buy. What is good for deep-fried turkey may or may not be good for your beer. And remember, never brew beer in a pot in which you’ve fried a turkey.

Just like you would on a stove top, you can use your turkey fryer to can fruits and vegetables. Place some sort of rack on the bottom to prevent your jars from breaking (any round rack, canning jar rings or a hand towel works). Then put your jars in your boil kettle, submerge in water and bring to a boil.

So, a 54,000 BTU burner should comfortably boil a 30 quart pot in 20 minutes or less and comfortably hold that pot at a rolling boil. However, if you move to a 60 quart pot, the heating time doubles and now you are sitting around for 40 minutes or more waiting for the pot to boil.

I would suggest adding a ball valve to that pipe sticking out of the wall for easy shutoff. You could then add a flare fitting and use a flex line for a gas stove to the burner. The flex lines typically include the flare connectors for each end. Easy to connect/disconnect. And keep a cap on it when not in use so nobody "accidentally" turns it on. edit:

I recently busted out my turkey Fryer burner (usually used for brewing) to steam some lobsters this past weekend and had some issues with the flame that I could not resolve. Not a big deal for the lobster steam (finished them off on the stove), but its something I need to fix before my next wort boil.

I use a 7.5 gallon turkey fryer for brewing. It works awesome for 5-6 gallons of all grain. I want to upgrade eventually to a 10 gallon setup with something like a 15 gallon kettle but until then this has worked great.

I also use the turkey fryer approach, seems to work out O.K. for me. Make sure you season it first though, by filling it with water and boiling for an hour. I've done 3 batches so far and all came out pretty good.

Looking to upgrade to making 5 gal batches from 1 gal batches on the stove. We have been looking into propane burners and anything with a "brewing" label is a bit more expensive than we thought. BUT you can get a propane burner/turkey fryer kit for like $30. Any downsides to using the propane burner from this set up or particular advantages using a ...

I'm trying to find a used turkey fryer for sale at a reasonable price so I can move up to full boils for all grain brewing. I've seen a few of these types where the top 4" or so is wider than the rest of the pot. Is there any disadvantage to using something like that for brewing, besides maybe it being a little harder to pour?

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Monastic brewing has existed since the Middle Ages—monasteries undertook the first large-scale production of beer in medieval Europe—but according to Richard Unger, author of Beer in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, there has not been a specific study of the history of nuns and brewing.

How big of a keg can i use to brew beer?
  • Proceed at your own risk. Keggles are kegs that have been converted into brewing kettles. A standard American keg can hold 15.5 US gallons, or 58.66 liters, and can be used to brew between 10-12 gallons of wort. The advantages of using a keg for brewing pretty much come down to quality and cost:
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  1. Form a business entity, name it and trademark it. Before you can sell any beer whatsoever, you must create a legal entity…
  2. Prepare financial and lease documentation…
  3. Apply for a TTB Brewer's Notice and obtain a brewer's bond.
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(ii) The production of beer per household for personal or family use may not exceed: (A) 200 gallons per calendar year if there are two or more adults residing in the household; or (B) 100 gallons per calendar year if there is only one adult residing in the household; (iii) Partnerships, corporations, or associations may not use the brew on premises facility and may not produce beer for personal or family use; and (iv) Transportation of brewed beer shall be at the time of bottling.

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If you carbonate, you'll want to use beer or champagne bottles. I'd stick with beer bottles since champagne bottles require a special corker unless you get ones that will take a bottle cap. I used 22oz bombers to carb some of my apfelwein in. They're almost like a wine bottle if you kinda squint.

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Why Some Brewers Use Rice or Corn in Their Beer It's All About the Color. The alternate grains, like rice and corn, certainly make the beer lighter than barley does,... "Adjunct" Grains. A term widely used in the brewing industry, adjunct grains refer to any ingredient, besides barley,... The ...