Best time for wine tours in kelowna?

Barry Thiel asked a question: Best time for wine tours in kelowna?
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Top 5 wineries in kelowna, bc | kelowna wine tour | canada's wine capital

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  • Kelowna wine tours are not just informative, but you will have a fabulous time interacting with people who share your interest in the centuries-old winemaking process. Should you visit during the peak or off-peak season? Summer and fall are peak seasons for most wineries. This is the period when many wine enthusiasts take wine tours.

Wine tours in Kelowna will typically pick you up in the late morning and go for a few hours before dropping you back off at your hotel before dinner time. Most tours also include a stop for lunch at a vineyard restaurant.


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  • Pick up available from Kelowna & West Kelowna, pick up times may vary depending on accommodation. Duration: Approximately 5 to 6 hours. This tour includes tastings at 5 wineries. On this wine tour from Kelowna, head South of Kelowna to Scenic Summerland and enjoy delicious wines at each winery that is unique in it’s own way.

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  • Okanagan Wine Tours | Private The Only Private Luxury Wine Tour Company in Kelowna & the Okanagan Valley Lust4Luxury Wine Tours are 100% private, accommodating small and large groups.

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BC’s Largest and Most Prestigious Wine Competition Coming to Kelowna. For Immediate Release Okanagan Wine Festivals Societyto host an A-list of wine judges (KELOWNA, BC)August 12, 2020–On September 23-25,...

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The best wineries in the kelowna and okanagan valley

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All of our Okanagan wine tours are fun and informative and include winery tastings fees. We look forward to hosting you on one of our Kelowna Tours! Time for lunch or a snack is included on all tours 5 hours or longer. (cost of lunch/ snack excluded) Vines & Views Wine Tours. Wine Tours Kelowna – Stagette Wine Tours – Corporate Wine Tours

Our sensational Kelowna Wine Tours showcase fun and exciting Okanagan Wineries with scenic lake views. Starting from $95. Join others on one of our daily tours, or reserve private tour personalized for you and your occasion. Wineries you may visit include: Mission Hill, The Hatch, Summerhill, Kitsch Wines, Cedar Creek.

Amazing experience My daughter and I booked the West Kelowna 5 hour 5 winery wine tour. We had the best experience! We had booked the public tour but as no one else booked this tour that day so we ended up having the bus and tour guide all to ourselves!

The best Wine Tastings in Kelowna & Okanagan Valley according to Viator travelers are: Kelowna or West Kelowna Afternoon Sightseeing Wine Tour; Wine Tour - West Kelowna Signature Sip; Okanagan Wine Country Kayak, Wine, and Picnic Tour; Naramata Wine Tour Full Day; West Kelowna Wine Tour - Classic - 4 Wineries

Altimate Club Wine Tours is happy to create your perfect escape. Phone: Sharon 604-835-7242 ** 24/7 support Text or Phone: 250-801-3934** Altimate Club Wine Tours and Affiliate companies, all apply the government standards and requirements. Code of Conduct – Compliant with KEY BC Traffic Laws and Driving Regulations as noted below:

Best Sightseeing Wine Tours in Kelowna Discover what is special about Kelowna. Kelowna or West Kelowna pickup 1:30 pm start.

Experience Wine Tours: Best Okanagan Wine Tour - See 604 traveller reviews, 314 candid photos, and great deals for Kelowna, Canada, at Tripadvisor.

Discover the history and passion behind every bottle with the best wine tours in Kelowna. With some of the most beautiful vineyard landscapes, wine tastings and tours are a fantastic experience for all. Book effortlessly online with Tripadvisor.

Guided Wine Tours; Tour by Glass; Wine Touring 101; Wine Trails; Lakeshore Wine Route; Westside Wine Trail; Lake Country's Scenic Sip; Kelowna's Southeast Bench; Downtown Grapes to Grains; Wine Trail Event Calendar; Kelowna Wine Trails Guide; Explore Kelowna Local; Local Savings Pass; Activities & Attractions; Breweries, Cideries & Distilleries; Restaurants; Retail & Shopping

These experiences are best for wineries & vineyards in Kelowna: Kelowna or West Kelowna Afternoon Sightseeing Wine Tour; Wine Tour - West Kelowna Signature Sip; Full Day Wine Tour - Lake Country Scenic Wine Experience; Okanagan Private Wine Tour; West Kelowna Wine Trail; See more wineries & vineyards in Kelowna on Tripadvisor

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  • Charming, intimate, funky and fun – perfect words to describe the five boutique wineries along the FabFive Wine Trail. Situated in the rolling hills of East Kelowna, the FabFive consists of The View, Spierhead, The Vibrant Vine, Camelot and House of Rose Winery .
Where to go for a wine tasting in kelowna?
  • Our Kelowna tour is one of the best ways to experience Okanagan wine country: a facility & vineyard tour, tastings of wines, and a delicious picnic lunch, all wrapped up in a 5-hour tour, visiting 5 of our favourite wineries…all within the Greater Kelowna area!
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Who is the driver for new vine wine tours?
  • Many thanks to New Vine Wine Tours and Dana for coordinating a perfect day with friends at LIV and Pugliese Vineyards. Dana is so professional and she went above and beyond to make sure the day was perfect. The Mercedes van was so nice and comfortable. Angel is the best driver!

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