Are there any synonyms for the grape trebbiano?

Cary Murphy asked a question: Are there any synonyms for the grape trebbiano?
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  • Trebbiano shares at least three synonyms with the Spanish wine grape Viura including Queue de Renard, Rossan, Ugni blanc and the similarly spelled Gredelín/Gredelin. ^ a b c Radden, Rosemary.


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  • Despite this modernization, it's become standard practice for wineries to have fall festivals that bring back grape stomping. Some turn it into a competition, while others are more about the experience than a sellable product, like Benmarl Winery 's annual celebration in the Hudson Valley.

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  • There are 18 recognised grape growing regions in South Australia. Their boundaries are defined in the Register of Geographical Indications (GI) and are protected by legislation.

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It grows in 14 of Italy's 20 wine regions, though the Merlot grown in northern Italy is considered the best. Dolcetto: Dolcetto is a soft, fruity red grape variety grown only in Piedmont, where it is drunk young as a varietal wine. Nebbiolo: Nebbiolo is a black grape variety that has been famous since the thirteenth century in Piedmont, where ...

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The vast majority of Concord-based wines taste quite sweet, but Concord grapes actually have less sugar than most traditional wine grapes, and they can theoretically be made into a wide range of styles. Usually, winemakers chaptalize, or add sugar, to the wines to account for Concord's naturally lower Brix range.

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📢 Trebbiano wine italy?

Trebbiano is an Italian wine grape, one of the most widely planted grape varieties in the world. It gives good yields, but tends to yield undistinguished wine. It can be fresh and fruity, but does not keep long. Also known as ugni blanc, it has many other names reflecting a family of local subtypes, particularly in Italy and France. Its high acidity makes it important in Cognac and Armagnac ...

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What can you use trebbiano toscano wine for?
  • That said, you’d never realize it because Trebbiano is mostly used in brandy and balsamic vinegar production! As a dry white wine, Trebbiano pairs well with hard Italian cheeses, seafood pastas, white pizza, roast chicken and even pesto.
What does trebbiano wine pair with?

Trebbiano Toscano. September 12, 2018 - Updated on September 8th, 2019. treb-ee-ah-noe toe-scan-oh. One of the top wine grapes of Italy and France (where it’s called Ugni Blanc). That said, you’d never realize it because Trebbiano is mostly used in brandy and balsamic vinegar production!

What kind of wine is trebbiano?

Trebbiano, or Trebbiano Toscano, is an Italian white wine varietal, and though you may not be as familiar with it as say, Chardonnay or Riesling, it's one of the most planted grapes in the world. It is used for table wine, but more commonly to make brandies like Armagnac and Cognac.

Why are grape juices called " grape flavor "?
  • The fact that "grape flavor" means "Concord grape flavor" to the American palate may also have something to do with the use of pasteurized Concord grape juice as a substitute for communion wine, particularly during the Temperance Movement of the late 19th & early 20th centuries.
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