Are alcoholic beverages included on viking cruises?

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Date created: Tue, Mar 16, 2021 9:15 AM
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Bringing alcohol onboard at embarkation: Passengers can bring wine, Champagne, beer or liquor onboard at embarkation with no limitations. Viking Ocean does not charge a corkage fee.
Answered By: Rowena Schmeler
Date created: Tue, Mar 16, 2021 7:04 PM
Viking Ocean Cruises offers more inclusive drink options than most contemporary cruise lines. Onboard these cruise ships, 24-hour specialty coffees, teas, and bottled water are all complimentary. Beer, wine, and soft drinks are also included at lunch and dinner.
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Date created: Thu, Mar 18, 2021 5:31 PM
If you would like to enjoy alcoholic beverages beyond the included beer and wine at lunch and dinner, Viking Ocean Cruises offers a drink package for an additional cost. The Silver Spirits Beverage Package allows you to enjoy unlimited beverages in all dining venues and bars throughout the ship for the duration of your cruise for any drink up to $15.
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Date created: Sat, Mar 20, 2021 2:08 PM
Bar prices on Viking Ocean Cruises are in USD. Viking Ocean Cruises bar prices average about $5.50 to $8.00 for hard liquor (e.g., a whiskey or Grand Marnier). Cocktails and martinis cost $7.50 USD. Prices include the tip.
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On a river or ocean cruise with Viking, you'll enjoy free house wines, beers and soft drinks with lunches and dinners onboard. An additional beverage package is available for purchase if you wish...
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Tea and Coffee are Included on Viking Cruises. Tea and Coffee are free all the time, everywhere! I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I’ve been told by my friends that I was sailing with that the coffee was really good. There is also a coffee machine in the stateroom and it comes with little coffee pods.
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The included wine and beer is only during lunch and dinner. The package allows the top brands. Balcony was nice while we sailed but was not useful once we were in port as other ships were blocking our view. over a year ago
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Yes. On board Viking ocean and expedition ships, the Library is located in The Living Room, and has selections specially curated by London bookseller Heywood Hill to enrich and enhance your journey. Learn more about our curated libraries and recommended reading or visit the Ships section for deck plans and details.
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Liquors and spirits are distilled alcoholic beverages. They contain more alcohol by volume than undistilled drinks. In general, a distilled alcoholic beverage will have a higher alcohol proof. Alcohol by volume (ABV) and alcohol proof are two measures of alcohol content, or the concentration of alcohol in a drink.
Corkage Fee. Should guests wish to consume their wine or champagne in the main dining room, specialty restaurant or bar, a $15.00 USD corkage fee, per 750 ml bottle, will be charged. A corkage fee is a charge that is assessed, at time of service, for every bottle that is served and not bought on the premises.
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What Drinks Are Free on Carnival Cruises? Water. Water from a fountain is free to all passengers in any dining area any time of day or night. But be aware that... Coffee, Cocoa and Tea. Dining rooms and the Lido buffet area provide you with free regular coffee, decaf coffee, hot... Non-Carbonated ...
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