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  • The Leeses launched 585 Wine Partners in 2005 when they bought a controlling interest in Red Truck Wines from Sonoma's Cline Cellars. The company later added brands including Steelhead Wines, a partnership with Dry Creek's Quivira Vineyards, Picket Fence Vineyards from the Russian River Valley, and imported Bivio Italia.


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Red Truck Wines When a single painting inspires a whole line of wines, it demands an extraordinary branding approach. We created a new brand architecture for Red Truck Wines that includes new “models” that seamlessly fit across the full spectrum of wines.

585 Wine Partners, formed in 2005 by wine industry veterans Dan Leese and Doug Walker, have launched Picket Fence, a new brand from the Russian River Valley. This is the second brand in the 585 Wine Partners' portfolio, joining the popular Red Truck Wines brand.

January 29, 2010, Sonoma, Calif. – Dan Leese, co-founder and president of 585 Wine Partners, will no longer be with the company effective January 28, 2010. 585 Wine Partners was started by Dan and Katy Leese and Doug and Becky Walker with a small group of investors in December, 2005 when they purchased a controlling interest in Red Truck Wines from Cline Cellars.

585 Wine Partners purchased a controlling interest in popular Red Truck Wines from Sonoma's Cline Cellars in 2005. The launch of additional brands - including Picket Fence, Bivio Italia and ...

SONOMA -- The Franzia family, which operates Bronco Wine Co., brought in new management for 585 Wine Partners, a Sonoma-based producer of wines. Bronco Chief Executive Officer Fred Franzia, a ...

The Leeses launched 585 Wine Partners in 2005 when they bought a controlling interest in Red Truck Wines from Sonoma's Cline Cellars. The company later added brands including Steelhead Wines, ...

585 Wine Partners 06 Red Truck California Red Wine (585 Wine) 2002. California, United States. Alcohol: 13.9% Sweetness: Dry 750 ml . LCBO: 693903 Check Stock

585 Wine Partners LLC is a Kansas Consent To Jurisdiction filed On January 26, 2010. The company's filing status is listed as Consent To Jursdiction/Status Not Required and its File Number is 4384897. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Secretary Of State and is located at 120 Sw 10th Avenue First Floor Memorial Hall, Topeka, KS 66612.

585 Wine Partners, LLC . Primary Class: 222/105. Other Classes: 222/1, 222/566 . International Classes: B65D35/56; B65D35/28; B65D35/38; B67D3/00. View Patent Images: Download PDF 20090250489 . Related US Applications: 20090250488: Closable Opening Device Produced With a Semifinished Product and ...

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