"After the Deluge"

"After the Deluge" (2003) 5.9

2003-06-15(澳大利亚)| 澳大利亚
评分: 力荐
Follows the stories of the four men of the Kirby family. As Alex's marriage breaks apart, Toby tries desperately to start a family, and Mart...更多>



Marty Kirby: If you're going to smoke crap like that, you could at least do it without your clothes on. Marty Kirby: Do you wanna get shitfaced? Toby Kirby: Nah. f9f Marty Kirby: Good, you can drive. Toby Kirby: Can we take Alex? Marty Kirby: Nah, fuck him. Toby Kirby: Ok, I'll give him a call. Toby Kirby: Well, I'll just sit here, drink my beer and wait for that tanker to hit us. [To Cliff] Marty Kirby: I'm just the same as you. Except I don't have a war to blame it on. [To his landlady] Alex Kirby: Oh alright, I'm sorry, it was me. I had a commodore full of showgirls brought up here at midnight last night and we just kinda went for it. Actually I've got a semi trailer dropping off another load tonight, you're quite welcome to join us if you feel that way inclined. Alex Kirby: ...Relationships aren't into bloody details. They're not rational. They don't make sense. Then before you know it you love someone, and you can't imagine life without them, so when it's all over it still doesn't make sense. And that's why you have to hate. And that's why you hate me. And that's why I have to learn to hate you.


我不是药神 上映日期:2018-07-05 导演: 文牧野 演员: 徐峥周一围
邪不压正 上映日期:2018-07-13 导演: 姜文 演员: 彭于晏廖凡

"After the Deluge"

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